• February 28th Maitreya Channeling Live Event Online

    • Maitreya and his channel Margaret McElroy will hold a live online channeling event on Saturday, February 28th.

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    • New Blog: The Body

    • Margaret McElroy has written a new blog titled "The Body".

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    • Private Study with Margaret & Maitreya

    • Would you like to spend time with Margaret and Maitreya? Margaret is holding a 2 week private study course that will enable you to raise your vibration.

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    • Guidance with Maitreya & Margaret

    • Maitreya & Margaret offer variety of services ranging from email readings, personal consultations, and private studies, etc.

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    • Workshops from Margaret and Maitreya

    • Learn from the comfort of your own home. Join Maitreya and Margaret for these online workshops.

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  • Video Icon for Maitreya 1 Life Lessons, Purpose and Karma - The Earth plane is a stage to act out your life lessons and karma. This is accomplished by interacting with others and experiencing the situations and circumstances you have chosen to assist you in your learning.
  • maitreya-penblue Maitreya’s Message for 2015 - As the new earth year of 2015 is upon you, remember you are a very unique energy; you are not created to be a part of someone else’s life, but to live your own life. So many of you spend all of your time either interfering in other people’s lives, or living their life for them. What do I mean by this? I mean you interfere in another person’s soul […]


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  • United Nations Talk

  • Listen to Maitreya's talk to the United Nations. He addressed the group about the spiritual importance of the work they do.

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  • "Face your fear - let go of it and walk through it - and then see how much your life will change."