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  • True compassion is the unconditional love and understanding of another without asking for anything in return. Transcript: Question: What is true compassion? Maitreya: True compassion is love. True compassion is where you ask for nothing in exchange for carrying, for love, for understanding of another without asking for material reward. Question: Is compassion a form of conditional love? Maitreya: Yes, it is. True compassion will not be stopped by anything. […]
  • Everyone is where they need to be for what they need! Some souls are into the Christian religion, some into the Sikh, Muslim, Jewish faith, or other beliefs. For some it is connected to past life memories on a deep subconscious level; they do not know why they are drawn to their faith, but it can feel familiar to them. Some of those in a faith are destined to change […]


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  • Listen to Maitreya's talk to the United Nations. He addressed the group about the spiritual importance of the work they do.

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  • "Face your fear - let go of it and walk through it - and then see how much your life will change."