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  • Each year when Christmas comes around, it brings very poignant memories of my childhood when the festive season comes around. For me, Christmas began at the end of November when my mother would make a traditional English Christmas cake. This was a cake filled with mixed fruit and very rich in taste.... [read more]
  • You have to remember that if you have no fear, nothing can harm you or touch you, for all is an illusion after all! Once you let go of the fear of something happening, it ceases to be in YOUR energy.
  • Over the years humanity has learned to segregate itself based on fear, and the Photon Energy is designed to raise the vibration of humanity and the Earth plane. Transcript: Question: What is the Photon Energy? Maitreya: It is an energy designed to raise vibration of the Earth plane. Over th... [read more]
  • I love Christmas; absolutely love it, although I now call it Holiday season because I no longer practice Christianity. It reminds me of my childhood in England, we had a tree, and it was the only time of the year my parents were happy, for some reason, the ‘season’ made them both change. This year w... [read more]
  • I am a sucker for Christmas movies; here in the USA beginning early in November, they begin showing Christmas movies on a certain channel. They are wonderful movies, all with a happy ending. I sit there enthralled watching these movies, and today thought to myself; “why cannot life be this way all o... [read more]
  • When you start to express your truth openly and freely with love, you feel more truthful to yourself and you will be much happier and more confident to create your own reality.
  • Everyone has their own truth. Maitreya talks about how to share your unique truth with love. Instead of trying to change other people to agree with your truth, learn to accept who they are.
  • The purpose is to release the anger and frustration now so that it is not a problem in the future. When you remove this energy, then you have more energy to manifest and to create your own reality.
  • Our weekly affirmation for letting go of anger is designed to help you deal with anger positively so that you can release it, let go of it and move forward. You can repeat the affirmation as many times as you can. The more you say the affirmation, the more you can release the anger and change it pos... [read more]