Healing Circle

Experience how Maitreya’s energy can transform your life. When you submit your name (or someone else’s name) to be a part of Maitreya’s Healing Circle, you will be the recipient of directed healing energy. Whether you need physical healing, self-transformation, emotional healing, financial healing or spiritual healing, simply let us know what area the healing energy is to be focused on. You must be able to ask for where in your life (or in your body) you want the healing to be applied. Part of the healing process is knowing how to ask for what you want!

Once you have entered Maitreya’s Healing Circle, you will begin receiving the energy of healing from Maitreya and those on the other side. Plus, each week Team Maitreya will come together in meditation and focus their combined energies on your healing request. Your fee covers an entire month of focused healing. When the month is up, we will notify you to see if you would like to continue with your same healing request, if you wish to change it, or if you wish to take time to rest.

Maitreya’s Healing Circle is also a great gift for those in your life who are experiencing difficulty. However, you must have the person’s permission before you can submit their name to Maitreya’s Healing Circle. Cost for one month of the Healing Circle is $100 USD / 6000 Rupees, per name submitted.

When filling out the form below be sure to enter the full name of the recipient, and the area for the healing to focus on. If you sign up on or before the 5th of the month, you will be included in the current month’s healing circle. If you sign up after the 5th of the month, you will be included in the next month’s healing circle. Someone will contact you within 24 hours of your request with more details. If you have any questions, please email us at info@maitreya.co

Thank you! Wishing you health, healing and happiness from Team Maitreya.