There are many different services offered on this website. To schedule a consultation with Maitreya, please visit the Guidance page. All other services listed below are the services of various practitioners who have studied with Maitreya and have now become excellent purveyors of their chosen modalities. Thank you!

  • Astrology Charts - Find out why you came to this Earth plane. What did you come here to learn and what are the Karmic lessons? These answers and more can be found in Astrology. This is computer generated astrology charts and reports
  • In-depth Astrological Reading - Discover your strengths, challenges, life lessons and gifts in this 60 minute session. Practitioner: Jean Luo
  • Astrology Report with 3 Questions - This astrology report is a very detailed look at your soul path in this incarnation. Practitioner: Jean Luo
  • In-depth Adult Astrology Report/Reading - This Reading is channeled exclusively for you and the unique soul that you are, and is constructed from your birth details. Practitioner: Deidre Wilton
  • Solar Return Reading - The chart is calculated for the time of the Sun’s return for a given year and marks the principal events for that year from birthday to birthday. Practitioners: Jean Luo and Valerie Shinn
  • Saturn and Pluto Report- By understanding Saturn and Pluto in your natal chart now, you will have a better understanding about your life, your lessons and how you will transform yourself. Practitioner: Jean Luo
  • Chiron Report - Understanding your Chiron will enable you to understand yourself on a deep level so that you can change and begin to heal yourself. Practitioner: Jean Luo
  • Natal Chart (Birth Chart) - The planets will reveal the lessons you are here to learn, your destiny, your hardest lessons, your deepest fear and hurts, and where you will make the biggest changes in your life. Practitioner: Valerie Shinn
  • Relationship Chart - Two birth charts are combined to see what each person is teaching the other. Relationship charts can be done for romantic partners as well as friends, family members, and business associates. Practitioner: Valerie Shinn
  • Children's Astrology - Children’s Reports cover everything from the child’s health and well-being to their way of thinking, playing, how they interact with others, and what they have chosen to learn about in this lifetime. Practitioner: Deidre Wilton
  • Intuitive Astrology - Intuitive Astrology incorporates your birth chart and messages from spirits to help you better understand the purpose of your life in this lifetime. Practitioner: Louise Ashcroft

  • Children's Color Reading - We are the color we choose. Children are especially in tune with colors. Getting color reading and healing for your child will help you and your child discover their gifts, talents, and potentials as well as their challenges and temperament. Practitioner: Jean Luo
  • Astrology Reports for Children - Astrology for Children helps parents find out why they came to this Earth plane. What did they have come to learn from you and friends, what are their Karmic lessons, their challenges? This is computer generated astrology charts and reports.
  • Children's Aura Photo - What is your childrens’ aura? What gifts or talents do they have? What is around their energy field? Have an Aura Photo taken for them and get a free reading to help you find these answers. Practitioner: Jean Luo
  • Bach Flower Essences for Children - Infants, kids, & teenagers face different kinds of strains and stresses in their young lives, and a child’s emotional states can create havoc with their physical bodies. The Bach Flower remedies help bring balance back into your child’s life to restore health and well-being. Practitioner: Karen Dossett
  • Children's Astrological Overview - This astrological overview covers everything from the child’s health and well-being to their way of thinking, playing, how they interact with others, and what they have chosen to learn about in this lifetime. Practitioner: Deidre Wilton
  • Intuitive Creativity for Children - Relaxation and meditation time, stories, discussions, and activities geared to the development level of each child. Practitioner: Linda Zeppa

  • Aura Photos - The photograph maps your energy vibration which is then analyzed and translated into the color vibration that corresponds to your unique energy levels. Practitioner: Jean Luo
  • Color Reading - A color reading will help you to understand your subconscious blocks and show your true talents, gifts, and potentials. Practitioner: Jean Luo
  • Aura Soma Color Consultation - Do you know your soul essence, your gifts, potentials and the challenges in your life? This color consultation will use the language of color to connect you with the deepest part of your inner self or Soul. Practitioner: Jean Luo

  • Past Life Regression - Past Life Regression helps to resolve any unconscious, survival-based scripts that negatively affect one’s present health, behaviors, or quality of life. You do not have to believe in past lives but, through this service, you are able to release trapped energies that have stayed in your subconscious mind for a very long time. Practitioner: Jean Luo, Dennis Dossett and Louise Aschcroft
  • Past Life Reading - By looking at the past lives that affect your energy today, you will be able to gain a better understanding of your karmic debts with other individuals, identify the energetic sources of pain and discomfort, find out why you are feeling stuck, depressed and/or why you cannot seem to get past an addiction or other destructive behavior. Practitioner: Karen Downing
  • Akashic Record Reading - This reading taps into your soul’s Akashic Record with information to be brought forward for your learning. Practitioner: Karen Downing

  • Healing Request - A healing request is to send the healing energy from Spirit through Jean to assist you to work on yourself on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Practitioner: Jean Luo
  • Bach Flower Essences - The Bach Flower Essences are a very powerful but gentle healing modality, relieving fear and anxiety, decreasing stress and grief, and improving stressful relationships. They are a wonderful way to restore balance and harmony to your life. Practitioner: Karen Dossett
  • Crystal Healing - In an intuitive crystal healing session, the healer uses their clairsentience and clairvoyance to intuitively scan your energy system while the crystals are used to help eliminate congested and depleted energies. Practitioner: Karen Dossett
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)- EFT is one of a number of “meridian tapping techniques” that have been developed to help people to deal with a wide range of symptoms including depression, panic attacks, eating disorders, etc. Practitioner: Dennis Dossett
  • Emotion Code™ Healing - Emotion Code Therapy uses the fact that your body can communicate with your subconscious mind in ways that your conscious mind cannot. We ask your body a series of simple yes/no questions to determine whether there are any trapped emotions that can be released and specifically what emotions are involved. Practitioner: Jean Luo or Dennis Dossett
  • Energy Healing - The healing energy is channeled from Spirit, and healing will take place on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Practitioner: Karen Dossett
  • Distant Reconnective Healings - Reconnective Healing harmonizes your body bringing it into balance on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Practitioner: Chantal Anders
  • Distant Energy Healing - Are you feeling tired and exhausted? Are you experiencing physical, emotional and/or mental problems? If so, a Distant Energy Healing can help you. Practitioner: Natalija Pavlakovic
  • Cutting the Ties - We are all connected and creating energetic cords with the family members, partners, friends, things and situations. While some cords are healthy and supportive, others are not. Release the unhealthy cords in this healing session. Practitioner: Natalija Pavlakovic
  • Family Link Healing - Family healing is a 21 day deep healing process to help you detach from a situation within the family that is no longer serving you. Practitioner: Chantal Anders
  • Intuitive Distance Healing - If you are stressed, or low in energy, Intuitive Distance Healing is the perfect pick-me-up. Practitioner: Louise Ashcroft

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