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  • Life is full of change in one way or another; a change of job, husband, partner, house change, or something different, but very rarely do you meet someone who has not experienced change in some way in their life. I do not take change well, and because of that the Universe leads me to change, and oft... [read more]
  • We forget the power that past life energy holds on us and how the energy controls our lives until we can fully see or understand the experience. For me, some of the best ways to experience and then release the energy is through past life regression or traveling to the physical location where it orig... [read more]
  • 2016 for me seems to be a good year for working towards making your dreams a reality. I know many people who are doing this, from writing a book to starting a healing business. My dream is to sell my artwork. I had previously been working on this, but had come to a dead end. Then one day I picke... [read more]
  • I had an interesting experience about 10 years, when just beginning my spiritual development. I did a lot of traveling for my job, as I was a Public Health Advisor and would perform environmental and food inspections for institutions. At that time I was inspecting Day Care Centers. I lived on the W... [read more]
  • Ever since sometime back in high school I’ve had the feeling that I am “in training” for something that I am supposed to do in this life. Over the years the feeling about what that something might be has changed as I moved from one phase of life into another, but I still feel that I am “in training”... [read more]
  • As I entered my forties, I began to question everything about life. It was as though a switch went off in my head. My thinking on things suddenly changed and I took on a new perspective. Since then I’ve come to understand that ALL life has purpose. It’s commonly known or talked about in the metaphys... [read more]
  • In the past I have been the kind of person who would rather not stand out from the crowd (though somehow I always seemed to stand out anyway lol). I doubted the general consensus and was against it but wouldn't speak up for fear of people thinking that I was strange, etc. I think on some level I pro... [read more]
  • I had a tough realization recently. I can't remember exactly how it happened, though the moon was in Aries (as is my natal moon) and I have been noticing this seems to trigger emotional situations for me. Also it was just before my menstrual cycle, though I didn't realise this and this can sometimes... [read more]
  • I used to be very serious. I lived my life for survival as I felt life was too hard to live and everything I desired I had to make double the effort to achieve it. I had to try everything at least twice to be successful. I did not know why I was so unfortunate and why I had to endure struggles and f... [read more]