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Maitreya is a teacher from the world beyond ours. He provides the Wisdom for Today, and Answers for Tomorrow.

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Read Maitreya’s teachings and discover the Essences to navigating your life and understanding yourself.

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Margaret McElroy is Maitreya’s channel. She and Maitreya have touched the lives of people all around the world.

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Margaret and Maitreya’s teaching will continue through her husband Alan McElroy and long time colleagues Jean Luo and Dennis Dossett, along with the many practitioners and students she taught and touched.

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Online Workshops

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United Nations Talk

Listen to Maitreya’s talk to the United Nations. He addressed the group about the spiritual importance of the work they do.

Quotes from Maitreya

“Courage is the manifestation of the power of love. True courage comes from your heart center and it requires you to have an open heart. Courage enables you to become a true warrior; to conquer your fears and to become fearless.”


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Hello Team Maitreya, I have just finished the new reading offered of Taming the Self. Wow! It was most enlightening. Hearing it all, was so informative and to be able now have more awareness in that knowledge is truly an asset. I highly recommend the experience of attending this reading - it does really help to understand. With much love to you all ~ J.W. from Australia

January 20, 2016


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