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December 18th, 2018|Messages|



Thank you so much Margaret and your team for the wonderful lesson you presented over the net yesterday. I learned lot indeed as witnessed by a little headache that I usually get when I learn a lot. I’m now clear about who God is and where we as humans stand in the grand scheme of things. Talking about the energy you gave us over the net, I felt a little tingling on my fingertips( especially my right hand thumb) and under my feet. I also noted a sound of ‘current flow'( for lack of better word to describe it) on my left ear more than on the right ear. That is what I recall feeling.Once more thank you very much for the amazing work you are doing for humanity. I hope and pray that you continue to have strength and the will to bring light to our suffering world of today. My best regards to you all! ~ M.C. from Canada

MC Canada

I have done the “Taming The Self” reading and let me say that when I saw the reading I was very quick in booking the reading because I knew that if I waited I would hear my self saying: “Don’t do it, you don’t deserve it, you can’t afford it”. After having had the reading I must say this is a life changer. I feel like I have had an open heart surgery and all my wishes and dreams are right in front of me, all I have to do is stop listening to the negative self that wants to hold me back and start living my life in my fullest potential. I am blown away with the amazing information I got from the reading and I must express deep gratitude that this reading is available. This comes at such a perfect timing as I have felt a little stuck with my art work but now I know that I have tools to work with to stop the self from running the show and being more aware of what it is doing and why. I feel my consciousness already picking up on it and my awareness has started helping me. I can truly say again that this reading is a life changer. ~ H.W. from Iceland

HM Iceland

I want to thank you again for the wonderful reading, it was so great to hear from my husband and my father in spirit, it was just like talking to them both personally. You to are a wonderful and caring person, and I am looking forward to going out to see, and learn, from you this summer. ~ S.P. New York.


Thank you Margaret, Alan, Jean, Korinne and Maitreya for all you all have done for us! The impact you all have made in my life has been truly inspiring and most of all given me a great motivation in the direction of my highest good! I have been blessed to have the chance of following you and Maitreya and hearing such words of wisdom. Much love and light to you all and a great and rewarding year to you all! 🙂 ~ M.J., Australia/ New Zealand


Dearest Master Maitreya, my gratitude to you Master and Margaret for allowing me the opportunity to hear your talk on the New Year. Your energy was so amazingly pure, it exuded so much LOVE, it in fact brought me to happy tears. It was my first time experiencing it, I had tears falling down my cheeks nearly the whole time. Hearing the wisdom from you Master is and was so AWE INSPIRING, it’s definitely something I will come back again and again for. Your soft words so lovingly given it is enough to turn the most sceptic person into a true believer and set them onto their own spiritual or metaphysical path. I heard every word you spoke about, it was tho you were talking to me over a cup of tea. Thank you for reminding me of who I am to be as I know I do get caught up in my day to day life. Thank you for reminding me to be the most I can be and that my guides and my Master and I only want what is for my Higher Good! I had an experience while in your presence Master and that was my most exciting and rewarding of part of it all… It is something I am trying to strive for and I know I will do it! Thank you with so much love for allowing me to be and hear you speaking, I’ll be booking my reservation for the next talk very soon. ~ JT, Australia

JT Australia

The ten days I spent with Margaret and Maitreya were truly life-changing! With a course designed by Maitreya just for me, it addressed the issues that were necessary for me to move forward. I worked to raise my vibration; to understand my past and my present – so I can learn to serve mankind in the future. Thank you, Margaret, for sharing the energy. ~ L.L. WA, USA

L.L. - WA, USA

Thank you for the session this afternoon.  Wow.  Things always seem clearer after Maitreya teaches, as if a few more layers of illusion peel away.  A special thank-you for sharing my questions with Maitreya so I could better understand issues I’ve puzzled over. ~ Linda R.

Linda R USA

Hi Margaret!
Can I just say something to you that I hope will cheer you? Every time I sit for a moment and look back on the last few years I find myself grateful to have met you and Alan. I know that when I had turned 48 that it was a serious turning point for me. If it were not for that one phone call from you when I was seriously struggling health wise, I might not be here today. I firmly believe that in that year I had hit one of my preplanned exit points. Your words of encouragement and advice to see myself celebrating my 50th birthday made such a difference in the outcome of my life. I am past the illness that had been hovering over me and look forward to the life I want to live. If it were not for you feeling the urgency to pick up the phone to talk me off that legde, I might not be here now living and trying to fulfill my dreams of being an artist and author. So I can only simply say thank you and remind you that you impact the lives of those around you, mine in such a wonderful way!
~ Hugs to you, Laurie

Laurie ~ Seattle, USA

Margaret let me thank you once more for the wonderful, amazing and eye opening reading. Your accuracy has connected all the dots I had in my life to bring out a full picture of who I am and why I’m here this time around. I will be replaying the reading time and again for direction and inspiration. Keep up the good work Margaret. I can’t wait to receive the affirmations you promised. You know what? Today I feel way better than the way I felt before the reading. The fear that was bothering me has subsided mainly because I now know where it comes from. Thank you so much! – M. C., Canada

M. C. - Canada

I just finished reading your book, [Born to Be a Channel]. I couldn’t put it down. What an amazing story and so well written. I experienced soooo many emotions while reading it. I cried, I smiled, I laughed, I felt fearful, angry and so many other things. I could relate to it at so many different levels… You went through so much Margaret to be where you are today. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for being who you are. It’s people like you that have made this world a better place to live in. Thank you for being a part of my life.

S. D. - India

Hello Margaret,

Since the time I have got my astrology reading with Maitreya and you, everything has drastically changed in my mind, body and soul. There’s a different air that I breathe with my fears melting away and being overtaken by love. I feel so much love like never before within and without. Another thing that changed majorly in my life is as Maitreya told me that I will be working with kids in future, automatic writing, and I see a sudden change in me, where I feel like being only between kids and pure love. Also at midnight I feel extremely restless and feel like an urge to write. Last night the same happened at 4am .

With all my heart mind body and soul, I thank the master for giving me an opportunity to get directions for my life directly. I love you Margaret



Hello Margaret,

It was great talking to you over Skype. You are a very noble soul. I already feel so much better talking to you, and my life seems to have a new meaning. Honestly, I was hoping the conversation would go on and on, as it was so beautiful talking to you. You have great energy, and I feel much better and lighter in talking to you.

Thank you again,



For a while now I’ve felt like I have been in a dark box…..I can’t begin to explain what I have been through. Until a few days ago, when I had a session with Margaret.

Within 24 hours, my life, my outlook on life, and my body went through some major changes. I could feel a healing process taking place the moment the session was over.

These healings and readings are not for any one specific type of person. They are for everyone, no matter what age, race or religion. It’s never too late to find out your life’s path and the lessons you are here to learn.

Margaret is not just a channel. She talks to you like a best friend would. She will give you the good, the bad, and, the ugly. All to make YOU a better person.

Margaret, it takes a lot of energy to do what you are doing. Whether the world knows this or not, I know it is very tiring for you. You are such a wonderful and great soul for doing what you are doing. I look forward to having a longer session with you in the near future.

Lots of Love, Tina

Tina Mahtani - Singapore

“I want to place on record the wonderful experience of my Channeling session with Maitreya through Margaret. Having been a student of many spiritual disciplines, traditions and New Age Masters, I can honestly say that the experience of Maitreya’s channeling through Margaret is the most unique, profound and unparallelled experience that I have had to date.

His messages to me personally are very, very practical and equally profound, they contained pearls of wisdom and guidance through which I can navigate both my spiritual and material life.

I recommend the reading/channeling experience to every person who is a seeker of truth and equally looking for guidance and support from Maitreya for their Earthly problems.  It is an experience that has the power to transform the core of your very being and take ones life to a higher pedestal.

I have no doubt that whoever has, or will, experience the channeled energy of Maitreya through Margaret, will surely take a Quantum leap, not only spiritually, but also equally on the Earthly/material plane as well.”

– Ravi Kiran, Hyderabad

Ravi Kiran - Hyderabad, India

I recently had a reading with Margaret for my 88th birthday and it was so informative and fun. Margaret helped me to see some things about myself and my spiritual purpose here. I found the reading and experience very helpful. – NT, USA


The reading was so full of love and that I could feel that the Creator really loves me a lot. Margaret is so good in reading the natal chart coupled with lot of messages given to her by Maitreya.  And believe you me, her words completely validated what I have been feeling from quite some time… Keep sharing your love to the world. Lots of Love! – HV, Delhi, India

HV, Delhi, India

It is amazing experience with Margaret’s reading. It covers a lot of future information. It also gives me the answer that relate to my present situations. I love this reading with Margaret. She also gives a lot of recommendations. It is really opens my mind. Thanks Margaret : ) – Z.L. California, USA

Z.L. California, USA

Your reading is the best thing that ever happened to me! It is helping me tremendously on a day-to-day basis and long term. I am facing my fear of being alone. I am sleeping alone with all lights off on top floor, and not begging or yelling at my husband to give me company. It  improved our relationship quite a bit. I feel like my husband gives me perfect opportunities to face my fear in his own innocent way. I love you very much, Margaret! You have given me the best birthday present 🙂 Thank you very much for agreeing to give our a family reading! – ST, Delhi, India

S.T. Delhi, India