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    • As a tribute to Maitreya, we are making available free of charge all the early writings of Maitreya from 2000 to 2015 compiled in the Maitreya Speaks e-books volumes 1-4. The topics are numerous and some pertain to circumstances happening on the Earth plane at the time of writing.

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    • Tributes to Margaret McElroy

    • With Margaret's passing, her students from all over the world have written tributes about how Margaret had changed and touched their lives.

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    • *Jean's New Book - My Journey to Superconsciousness: The Beginning

    • It was time to really examine my life and deep emotions, which I could finally touch after undergoing intense transformation from 2008 to 2016. This project took me to the depths of my soul, to a place I was not prepared to go in 2008.

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    • Check out our event page for upcoming classes and workshops. We are holding a weekly meditation class every Sunday morning.

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    • Maitreya Video: Self Forgiveness

    • This is the last channeled video message from Maitreya titled "Self Forgiveness".

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    • Wisdom Card of the Week - #80 The Power of Water

    • On the path of spiritual development, you need to understand how to utilize the power of water. Water is a powerful energy; Spirit uses water to generate energy.

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    • Video: Maitreya's Teaching Slideshows

    • Watch slideshow presentations based on essence of Maitreya's teachings.

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About Maitreya

  • Essences

  • Read Maitreya's teachings and discover the Essences to navigating your life and understanding yourself.

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  • Margaret's Legacy

  • Margaret and Maitreya’s teaching will continue through her husband Alan McElroy and long time colleagues Jean Luo and Dennis Dossett, along with the many practitioners and students she taught and touched.

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  • What is Fear? - What is fear? It is the Self’s way of keeping you from moving on, out of the old patterns of your life. It is the energy of the unknown. The Self (ego) does not like the unknown; it likes to stay in the comfort zone, where it is comfortable. It does not like change or new experiences, whether that be in life in general, job/career, or where one lives! Fear […]
  • Detachment - In the world today there is so much conflict in families; brother against brother, sister against sister, mother against her children. Humanity talks about peace on earth, no war, and yet you cannot change the world until you can change yourself and work through your family fighting, your anger, frustration and fear. 80% of your problems are connected to past life energy, things you have done in previous incarnations that […]


Maitreya's Wisdom

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  • United Nations Talk

  • Listen to Maitreya's talk to the United Nations. He addressed the group about the spiritual importance of the work they do.

  • Quotes from Maitreya

  • "Courage is the manifestation of the power of love. True courage comes from your heart center and it requires you to have an open heart. Courage enables you to become a true warrior; to conquer your fears and to become fearless."