Monthly archives:October 2012

  • Discover how the Dark Side of you, known as the Self (Ego), can affect how you interpret and take on the words of others. Learn to accept your beauty and worth instead of doubting yourself, and words from others will no longer be able to take you to a negative place.
  • It is your choice what you want to believe. You are entitled to your own truth and what is right for you, just as others are entitled to their belief system.
  • Everything, yes everything, in your life is always exactly as it should be. Maitreya talks about why there are no accidents, and why you would choose to go through difficult circumstances.
  • Maitreya explains such things as the comfort zone, change, and how your emotions can cloud your vision. By learning to step aside, you can see the truth as it really is.
  • Every soul in your life is a mirror and teacher, there to assist you to work through your lessons. A mirror is someone who shows you what you do not want to see in yourself.
  • Once you return to the Other Side after death, you review your life and assess if you have completed your karma in the way you had intended to, or if you created further karma in the process.
  • Follow what is in your heart, let go of your fears, become your own Master, and you will be able to find your truth and raise your vibration.