Monthly archives:November 2012

  • Maitreya explains why he has taught Margaret Western Astrology instead of Vedic Astrology.
  • There are two reasons why you could experience health problems in your life. It can be because you brought the energy from your past lives, or because you chose to experience ill health for your own learning.
  • Animals are also Souls going through the process of learning and raising their vibration. Transcript: Question: Maitreya, are animals spiritual too? Maitreya: Of course they are, they are just like in a sense the human race. They are also on a level of vibration, and such you have as in the... [read more]
  • All fears, doubts and memories from your past lives are trapped in your emotional body. Learn to release that past life energy and you will raise your vibration immensely.
  • You come into your life with your Astrological birth chart, this provides you with the information to make more informed choices on your life lessons.