Monthly archives:December 2012

  • Through every thought you create energy, if it does not move it becomes stuck, or trapped until it can be properly released.
  • The more that you clear out from your own energy, the clearer and lighter you become. This increased light draws off the negativity from others, making you a clearinghouse for others' emotions.
  • In your life plan you develop choices of how you will accomplish something. It is those choices that make up the free will part of your destiny path.
  • It is better to be a vegetarian or to eat meat? Does spirituality have anything to do with the diet that you choose? Watch this video for Maitreya's answers.
  • All Ascended Masters are teachers. Each Master teacher is a soul who has raised their vibration to a very high state, and who has great love, awareness and knowledge.
  • All souls are equal and are all on the path to be a perfected being. One of the things that society has done is allowed men to overpower women, this is not in the image of God's Love.