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With Margaret’s passing, her students from all over the world have written tributes about how Margaret had changed and touched their lives.

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I am an energy from the world beyond yours. I have walked the Earth plane just as you are doing in this incarnation. I, like you, had to overcome my fears, doubts and insecurities to learn my lessons on my pathway to ascension from the Earth plane.

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Margaret has been featured in over 500 media publications, been a radio show host and done numerous radio and TV segments. She also has authored five books. Her travels with Maitreya have taken her around the world, from a channeled talk at the United Nations in New York, to Europe, North America, Asia and now India. Read more about Margaret

Maitreya.co is a forum for Maitreya to bring his teachings of Wisdom for Today, Answers for Tomorrow to the world. Through Maitreya’s teachings and messages, it is the purpose of this website to educate, inform, uplift and inspire. Maitreya is often referred to as the World Teacher. He has stated numerous times, “I am just a teacher and through the Internet I can touch the world”. Read more about Maitreya.co

Maitreya’s teachings boiled down to 13 major points. Each one of the essences is connected to Maitreya’s writings on related subjects.  Read more about Essences

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