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Maitreya.co is a forum for Maitreya to bring his teachings of Wisdom for Today, Answers for Tomorrow to the world. Through Maitreya’s teachings and messages, it is the purpose of this website to educate, inform, uplift and inspire. Maitreya is often referred to as the World Teacher. He has stated numerous times, “I am just a teacher and through the Internet I can touch the world”.

This website contains not only writings and videos from Maitreya, but also gives you information to connect with him through consultations and personal guidance. Please take your time to peruse the Essences section, as that is the best place to gain a full understanding of what Maitreya’s message is all about. Maitreya’s message is a simple one. You are here to become the Master of your own life. The statement may sound easy, but the road to achieve it is not always smooth. Your first step is education and that is the purpose of Maitreya.co

Maitreya.co is your source for all current and future teachings from Maitreya. You will be able to watch new videos and read new messages directly on the Home page. You can also connect with Maitreya through his Facebook page to be informed when new content is posted. Sign up for the Team Maitreya newsletter in our Subscribe section, and receive personal insight from Margaret and Team Maitreya as they share their journey through their monthly articles. They, like you are souls on a journey, you may be surprised how similar their journey is to yours.

If you enjoy Maitreya’s energy and his message you will also enjoy the items in the Maitreya Shop. Listen to meditations, read books and raise your vibration with the toning and healing system. There is also a listing of practitioners, all of whom have studied with Maitreya and are excellent purveyors of their chosen modalities.

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