Affirmation for “Creating My Own Reality”

/Affirmation for “Creating My Own Reality”

Affirmation for “Creating My Own Reality”

Affirmation for “Creating My Own Reality”:

“I am creating every day what I want in my life. My thoughts, words and my fears are creating my world. The more I think positively, the more I think of a peaceful world, the more I will create it! I create my own abundance from this day forward.”

Our weekly affirmation for “Creating My Own Reality” is designed to assist you to be aware of that your thoughts, words and all emotional energy are creating your own life. Thought, words and emotional energy are very powerful creative energy, more than you have realized. The more you are aware of your thoughts and words, especially your emotional energy, such as fears, insecurity and all other “negative emotions”, the more you think, speak and act positively, the more positive reality you will create! By saying this affirmation, you are consciously working on creating a reality you desire. The more you say the affirmation, the more positive change will take place in your life. It will not happen over night, but slowly and surely, you will see the change. You can repeat the affirmation as many times as you can. The more you say it, the more positive reality you can manifest in your life.

We sincerely hope that you can benefit from our weekly affirmation. Please feel free to give us feedback or share your experience with us.

Maitreya quote for Creating Your Own Reality :

“Your fear, doubt, insecurity, jealousy, envy, anger, and many other negative emotions create your problems” Maitreya Quotes App

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