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Affirmation for Self Change

Affirmation for Self Change:

“As I focus on changing myself, I change the world around me; As I truly accept myself as who I am, I accept and respect others as who they are; As I face my fear and insecuritiy, let go of all emotions I hold onto, I bring more compassion and positive transformation to humanity.”

Our weekly affirmation for Self Change is designed to assist you to focus your energy on YOU. The purpose of your life is to look at yourself and to work through your karma and unlearned lessons, to release your past life energy , and to become your own master. When you focus on changing yourself, you are helping change the world. By saying this affirmation, you are consciously working on creating a positive reality for you and for the world around you. The more you say the affirmation, the more positive change will take place in your life. It will not happen over night, but slowly and surely, you will see the change. You can repeat the affirmation as many times as you can. The more you say it, the more positive reality you can manifest in your life.

We sincerely hope that you can benefit from our weekly affirmation. Please feel free to give us feedback or share your experience with us.

Maitreya quote for self change :

“Let go of your concern for others, give nothing any energy, fear nothing. Ask yourself, “What do I need in life to be happy?” and then create it.” Maitreya Quotes App

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