Affirmation: “I am thankful for all that I have, all that I don’t have, and all that I have been given at this moment of time. Everything in my life, every experience I have gone through is a gift of life to my soul’s growth. I am wholeheartedly thankful.”

Our life on the earth plane is a series of constant learning experiences. In order for us to learn the lessons we have chosen to learn, the karma we have chosen to work through, and the past life energy we have chosen to deal with, we are often to put in a difficult situation or environment, and sometimes it can seem to become very hard when the karma, past life energy and learning lessons are all intertwined into everyday life. Often it is at this stage, that we can be easily wrapped up in “negativity” – complaining, blaming, self-pity, fear, anger and insecurity because the Self-part of us is in control. When the Self controls us, we can’t see the positive side of life.

This affirmation is designed to assist each of us to count the blessings in our life.  Gratitude is one of the key attributes of an open heart. With gratitude, we are grateful for everything that we have, and everything that we do not have; we are thankful for everything that has happened and for everyone who is in our life. With gratitude, we are able to recognize the suffering we have gone through as a valuable life lesson, and a source of strength. With gratitude, we become grateful that we have been able to learn from the experiences in our life. Having gratitude enables us to forgive, to let go of our anger, and to appreciate that someone cared enough to help us work through the lessons that we have chosen in our life.

By saying this affirmation, you are consciously working on creating the positive reality you desire. It will not happen overnight, but slowly and surely, you will see the change. You can repeat the affirmation as many times as you wish. The more you say it, the more positive change will take place in your life, and the more positive reality you can manifest in your life.

“All that you lose you will one day regain. It is only removed for the process of learning!” – from Maitreya’s Quotes Apps

We sincerely hope that you can benefit from this affirmation. Please feel free to give me feedback or share your experience with me.