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A Perspective about Coronavirus Outbreak
by Jean Luo

The year 2020 is the Beginning of a new decade. Even though it has just begun, we have already experienced a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 10th, indicating some event was going to happen in some way to shakeup those structures that are no longer working for us individually or collectively. Then on January 12th we underwent a very rare and important astrological formation in the Universe of transit Saturn and Pluto forming an exact conjunction in Capricorn. This astrological configuration launched a 38-year period of change and transformation surrounding social and government structures, societal norms, traditions and conditioning. On top of that, Planet Jupiter transited in Capricorn on December 3rd, 2019, and will stay there for a year till December 19th, 2020, and Sun, Mercury, South Node were all in Capricorn in January. The energetic impact which has been generated by these planets stellium in Capricorn is incredible and profound. As such, it wasn’t surprising that on January 20th, right before the Chinese New Year, that the Coronavirus outbreak occurring in Wuhan City, China. Since then, the virus has spread to the worldwide and this has created a great deal of fear and chaos. It has not only brought out a lot of fear and worry in many people, but it has also affected the world socially, economically and politically. Its impact is far reaching and has just begun.

We must remember, everything is energy. Thought, word, emotion, feeling, belief, habit, etc., are all “live” energy in different forms. The most important thing to remember is that our thoughts create our reality. If we fear being infected by the Coronavirus, we will attract it to us, and create it as our reality.

As Maitreya often said, “There are no accidents. Everything is perfect as it is.” – from Essences of Maitreya’s teaching.  There is a reason for everything, which is also true for this Coronavirus outbreak. So, why has the Universe chosen this time for this outbreak to happen? Why do some people get infected and the others not? You may also wonder if you are going to get infected?

Here is knowledge Maitreya gave us, “When a person contracts a virus, whether it be what is known as “the flu” or something more serious like HIV/AIDS, they have chosen to do so. Some people choose a virus to make their exit from the earth plane. Others choose it to help them clear blocks of energy from their physical bodies. This energy is related to deeply hidden conditions such as childhood trauma or past-life conditions that they’ve chosen clear in this incarnation. This also explains why in a crowd of people some people get viruses and others do not. Often a wife will get a virus and be quite ill and yet her husband or partner will never get it.

It may surprise you to know that there is nothing “evil” in the world. Everything is perfect and everything works in perfect order. You attract to you what you need to learn from and to help you heal. You can also make your suffering easy or hard. You make the choice.

Many have contracted the AIDS virus and not died, and yet others have because they chose to die. This is how they make their transition into the spiritual realms. Those that live usually make a significant turn-around with their lives. Not only have they changed their own lives, but also they have changed the lives of many around them.” – Maitreya’s newsletter “Viruses” in Maitreya Speaks

So, try and stay positive with your thoughts, the Coronavirus is not here to destroy us, it is here to help us clear some deep buried stagnant energy, to teach us to change in how we live our human lives, such as eating wild animals, abusing mother nature, Nationalism, Racism, etc. Unfortunately, human egos want separation, superiority, control, dominance, etc., but the Coronavirus shows us there is no separation or isolation in the world; we are all deeply and intimately connected with each other no matter which nationality, color, race or culture we belong too. Can we learn from it? It is up to us. Hopefully, we will.

Be cautious and practical, but do not fear Coronavirus. It came not as an enemy, but as a friend and a teacher to help us. The Universe may be using it to help us transition home to the world of spirit or to heal us individually and collectively in some way. Stay centered in your own space and energy, go within, meditate and continually work on clearing your own repressed thoughts, emotions, habits, conditioning and patterns. The more you do, the more you can raise your vibration and attain dynamic balance between your body, mind and soul. I sincerely hope that we can learn from this experience both individually and collectively. Let go of any fear you have and grow in hope, unity, respect, and most importantly strive to live in peace and harmony.