“Ask, and you shall receive” is a law of the universe. It is a birthright and blessing for everyone on the earth plane, regardless of our race, color of our skin, belief, social status, education, or wealth, etc. The God, Ultimate Being, Divine Spirit, or whatever we call the energy of the Universe, does not discriminate against anyone, but hears and answers every prayer. This is also our dynamic interaction and communication with the Universe. Everyone is able to manifest what they need and more once we understand how to do it. I can give numerous testaments to this. It never ceases to amaze me how the universe manifests whatever I have asked for magically. Here are a few things that we need to do based on my own years of experience:

First of all, the key is to ask. You must ask. Unfortunately, many people never ask, either they assume that God knows everything, so God should provide their needs without them asking, or they don’t believe that they have the direct connection with the Universe, and they don’t think that God listens to them or that God hears them. Everyone is given free will to make choices. If you don’t ask, it means you have chosen not to ask, so the Universe will respect your free will choice and will be unable to provide what you need. Thus, it is your responsibility to let the universe know what you need. You only need ask once, the Universe, God, Ultimate Being or Divine Spirit hears every single prayer. When you ask, ask sincerely and from your heart.

Secondly, if possible, write down a list what you need and be as detailed as you can, then tell the Universe. You can begin with, “Divine Spirit (You can call this energy any name you believe, such as God, Universe, Ultimate Being, etc.), I need xxx (the list of your needs), I ask your help. Thank you!”  You need to state, I NEED, OR WE NEED, NOT I WANT, OR WE WANT. When I just started working as a post-doctoral fellow in a University lab, I did not have a car and I did not know how to drive a car either. The place I was staying was a few miles distance from the lab and there was no bus in the small town where I rented my room, so I needed a bicycle as my transportation. I told the Universe that I needed an inexpensive bicycle because I just started working and did not have much money. But I forgot to ask for a small bicycle. The following day after I prayed to the Universe, the manager of our lab told me that her daughter had a used bicycle, she could sell it to me for $20. I was very happy and said YES to her immediately. She brought the bicycle to me the following day when she came to work. It was fine except it was to big for someone like me who was short in height. I had to ride it with great effort because of my short legs!

Thirdly, you may not get what you want, but you will get what you need. The Universe knows exactly what you need. If you trust and let it happen, the Universe will provide you the better one. After I got my driver’s license, I needed to buy a small car. A friend of mine told me that a colleague in her office was selling his small Japanese car. He was the original owner although he had three car accidents with that car already. The sale price was within my budget. Therefore, I asked her if her colleague could sell his car to me. Then I prayed to God (I was a Christian at that time) that I needed this car if it was meant for me. She went to ask her colleague, but his wife changed her mind because it was their first car they had bought, and it represented so many good memories related to their family, so she had difficulty letting it go. I was so disappointed when my friend told me the news. I thought, “God did not answer my prayer for this car!” Of course, I was wrong! A few days later, early on a Sunday morning, my friend called me. She excitingly shouted to me on the phone, “I tell you, if the God (she was an atheist) that you believe is real, your God has definitely protected you!” I asked her what she meant in my still half wake and half sleep state. She explained to me what had happened to her colleague’s car on Saturday night.

Her colleague loved to play Table Tennis. As a club member, he regularly went to the club in the city to play every Saturday evening. That Saturday evening, he went to play again with his two children. After he finished playing, they went to a restaurant to have a late dinner. By the time he drove back home, it was already late at night. Somehow, his car suddenly started on fire when he was driving on the freeway back home. He immediately pulled his two children out of the car, then his car exploded in fire. The police drove them to the nearest train station to catch the last train to go home. When the train arrived in the town where his home was, he called my friend to pick them up and drive them home. By the time he and his children arrived home, it was already early Sunday morning! Then my friend called me and told me what had happened. By then I understood why I did not get this car. It is not that God did not answer my prayer, it is that God answered me and protected me. Had I bought that car, I would have ended up losing the car in the fire and wasting money for nothing, because I would not have purchased an insurance policy with full coverage for the car! It would have created more financial difficulty for me! I was so grateful for this experience. After that, I prayed to God to guide me to buy a car directly and a few days later my prayers were answered, and I bought a car that served me well for seven years without any problems until I sold it.

Fourthly, having patience, allowing the Universe to manifest for you. Unfortunately, many people pray, but they do not have the patience to wait. They give up before the Universe can bring it to them. There are also some people asking for what they want with demands and high expectations. When they want it, they want it immediately without giving the Universe time to process. Often, what we have asked for needs fine tuning, and takes a longer time. But if we have patience, believe it, it will happen!

After my daughter came to the USA to live with me, we were struggling to live on my post-doctoral fellow’s salary. I prayed to God that I needed a new job that could give me a better income to change my financial situation. I was in my second year in the USA. I did not have any social contact and I spent most of my time in the lab doing my research work. So, finding a new job was not an easy process for me at all. I had three interviews, but none of them was meant for me, because I asked for sign if that job was meant for me. On the day of my first job interview, there was a big thunder storm, and I struggled to drive on the freeway due to the heavy rain. I missed the freeway exit on the second job interview and it took me a long time to find the location. I missed the flight on the third job interview although I made sure to leave home early, but the shuttle that picked me up was delayed due to heavy traffic jam. As such, I ran out of resources and did not know what to do and who could help me. However, it was just when I almost gave up, out of the blue, I received a phone call from a college friend, who came to the USA ten years before me, but we had lost contact when she came to the USA. She happened to hear that I was in the USA, so she decided to call me to reconnect with me. From our conversation she knew that I was trying to find a job, she then told me that the pharmaceutical company that she was working for was hiring and she could help me get the interview opportunity. And she did. The interview went smoothly, and I was offered the job immediately. The new job changed my financial situation instantly and it enabled me to save money. The saved money enabled me to take courses with Margaret/Maitreya and start my metaphysical journey a few years later.

Fifthly, have total faith and trust, step out of the way, let the Universe guide you and lead you every step along the way. Often, what we ask for may be involved with our karma and the life lessons we have set up for ourselves to learn from. The Universe will utilize every possibility and opportunity to assist us to work out the karma (pay karma or receive karma) and learn our chosen life lessons. If this is the case, the process can have many twists and turns. If we stay patient, don’t become discouraged, don’t allow fear and doubt to sabotage us, and have total faith and trust, and continue to believe, it will happen!

In 1995, I was doing research in the Netherlands as a post-doctoral fellow, but my goal was to come to North America. Thus, while I was working there, I focused on searching for a job in both the USA and Canada. I hoped that I could come to either of these two countries directly after my tenure in the Netherlands was complete. I got two job offers before I finished my work in the Netherlands. One was from a Canadian University, another was from a University in the USA. In May 1996, I mailed my visa application to the Canadian Embassy in London, but, due to my public passport (a passport given to those who work for the government and subject to the treaty between two countries), they asked me to give them evidence that I had sanction/permission from China. Meanwhile I received an offer from the University in USA. I went to the US Embassy in Amsterdam to apply for a USA visa, but was rejected and given no reason except that I should go back to China and then apply for a visa. Since I had the two offers, I had told my Dutch professor not to renew my contract with him and my visa in the Netherlands was going to expire in two weeks. All of these unexpected difficulties arose in just two days. So, in a matter of 48 hours, my hopes seemed to have vanished before my eyes; I was crushed. I did not know where to go or what to do except cry. The US professor could not understand why I was rejected by the US Embassy and he wondered if I had a criminal record. He thought that was the only reason anyone would be rejected by the US Embassy. He simply did not understand the visa challenges for people who were coming from China.

I faced only one choice: go back to China. I did not want to go back, because I knew that, if I did, I would not have a chance to leave China again. That weekend, I was so desperate and hopeless. I decided to ride the train, wandering with no destination. I could not stop crying as I looked through the window. In that most despairing moment, I gave up, as there was nothing left for me to fight. I cried until I was too tired to open my eyes. My mind no longer worked due to the extreme tiredness, but I still did not want to give up. Then, out of the blue, a thought came to me that I needed to call a young man who was a third-level secretary in the Educational Department at the Chinese Embassy. I didn’t know him well at all, as I only had a short conversation with him when I first reported my arrival in the Netherlands the year before, but I did have a good impression of him.

I didn’t know why I should call him or what he could do for me. A third-level secretary was the least powerful position to help me, and it seemed no help to my situation at all, but it was the only thought I had. Besides, I wouldn’t lose anything if he didn’t help. I was like a drowning woman hoping someone could throw her a safety line to save her before her last breath. I called him as soon as I got home, and he happened to be in the office. I told him about my situation. He listened, thought about it a few minutes, and then asked me to give him 3 days to find a way to help me. It was a very long three days of waiting – ages – but I didn’t know what else I could do except wait. He kept his promise. On the third day he called and told me that he had thought through my situation and felt that the best and simplest way was for him to write a letter to the Canadian Embassy using the Chinese Embassy’s letterhead with his name and signature on it stating that I had been approved by the Chinese government to study in Canada. I was skeptical when I heard what he said, but he assured me that it was going to be OK. He faxed me the letter and asked me to fax it to the Canadian Embassy in London and wait for a reply.

He was right. Before I received the official reply, my girlfriend, the only Chinese female student besides me in the school where I was studying at the University and who had taught me to pray to God for help, happened to visit the Education Department at the Chinese Embassy on another matter. The moment she entered the office, she heard the phone ring. It was the Canadian Embassy regarding the letter I had faxed to them. The young man who was the third-level secretary answered the phone and confirmed that he wrote the letter. As soon as she came back she excitedly told me the news. I couldn’t believe what I heard! It was a miracle!

The letter from a powerless third-level secretary in the Chinese Embassy saved my life and opened the door for me to have the adventure I had dreamed of in North America. I received a fax from the Canadian Embassy the following day stating that they needed me to send my passport to them in order to issue a visa. I was so excited and told my Dutch professor that I needed to extend my stay for another month, as I had to wait for my visa from the Canadian Embassy. He was very kind and understanding, not only extending my stay in his lab for a month, but also paying me a month’s salary. This meant a lot to me at that time.

Two weeks later, I received the official visa to go to Canada. During the two-week waiting period, I had two vivid dreams. One was my public passport was changed to private, and the other that I got a USA visa to go to the United States. Both dreams came to fruition. While I was in Canada for three months, I changed my passport and got my USA visa. I finally came to the United States at the end of September 1996. This whole experience was a miracle and taught me many lessons. Because of it, I became who I am today.

At last, listen to your intuition and be a participant. There is a misunderstanding that once we have prayed to the Universe, we don’t need to do anything, but sit and wait for it to happen. It is true that we do need to step out of the way, let the Universe manifest what we need. We should not have any fear, doubt or other negative thought, word or emotion towards the process of manifestation, because any negativity will stop or prevent the Universe from bringing us our needs. But, it does not mean that we do not participate and do not do what we are required to do. The most important part in this process is to listen to our intuition and follow it because the Universe works with us through our intuition. For example, moving to New Orleans, LA was a big task for us. We not only did not know anyone in this area, but we had to move our whole home to this strange new place. Where should we stay? How could we have enough to cover the moving expenses? These are the very practical questions we needed to address. So, we did google searches based on Ratna’s work location and thoughts related to neighborhood security. We decided to live in Metairie, a suburb area right outside New Orleans. Then, we asked the Universe for the house that we needed in detail – open floor plan for energy flow, hardwood floor, 4 bedrooms, an office, 3 full bath, less than 30 minutes local driving distance to Ratna’s working place, a fenced backyard, a car garage, close to water, quiet and safe neighborhood, and convenience for shopping as our regular shopping destinations are Costco, Trade Joes and a Chinese supper market, etc. In order to lower the cost, we decided to drive down by ourselves instead of hiring a moving company to help us, and we did all the work – packing, loading, unloading by ourselves. We searched google rental houses in Metairie LA and made a list of the houses that met our criteria and had the potential for us to rent. During our journey to Metairie, we made appointments to see the houses. Thus, the morning after we arrived, we were ready to go to see all the houses on the list and were able to find the house that met all the criteria we asked for. In fact, the universe provided us exactly what we had asked for. Within a week, we were able to sign the lease and move into the new home in Metairie, LA. The Universe also provided us the money that was needed for the first month and last month rent, as well as the deposit. More amazed is that it is only 5 minutes driving distance from our house to a beautiful waterfront park located on Lake Pontchartrain. There is no traffic and the 3-mile trail only allows bikes, walking and running along the lake side. Alan and I walk there twice a day, enjoying beautiful sunrises, sunsets, along with birds, ducks and beautiful nature including seeing an alligator, he’s part of that beautiful nature I described (LOL). It is indeed a blessing. We are very fortunate. However, if we didn’t participate, the Universe wouldn’t fully know what to manifest!

“Ask, and you shall receive.” This is Universal law and how the Universe operates. It is a powerful tool.  Ask the Universe for what you need, not what you want. Also, ask with sincerity and from your heart. If you intend to ask the Universe to help loved ones, ask for their highest good with love in your intention, without demands, control and bargaining, or placing your will above your loved ones’ free will.

The Universe hears every prayer and request from everyone. But you have to ask first. “Ask the Universe to assist you, and then let go and let the Universe guide you. The Universe will provide all that you ask for, but you have to ask!” – Maitreya from Maitreya quotes app. Why not give it try?! You will be amazed what the Universe can do for you!