Being Thankful
by Alan McElroy

As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. which is followed by the numerous religious holiday traditions practiced here and around the world, I try and give thanks for my many blessings and reflect on what I so easily take for granted. For me, I am forever grateful for my unique experience with Margaret and Maitreya that bestowed indelibly in my being the knowledge, tools and understanding of how to navigate the turbulent waters of the life journey. I’m reminded of all the laughter we enjoyed, but also the struggles we embraced and endured as we faced many individual life lessons that involved each other.

I’m reminded of one evening when I became quite upset with Margaret and made one of those statements, that we regret the second it crosses our lips when the emotional anger gets the best of us. Maitreya then suddenly appears and turns the situation into a teaching moment about our individual lessons traveling with us through our multiple spouses, family relationships or friendships. So, remember when you think you can just change the scenery to rid yourself of the lesson, the Universe doesn’t work that way. So, thanks to Maitreya for his understanding, patience and non-judgement as he mentored me on how life on the Earth plane really works and thankyou Margaret for allowing Maitreya to bring forward thru you the invaluable knowledge of how Astrology, Past Lives, Karma and Life Lessons are interconnected and drive our life journey of soul growth. Thanks for the 12-years of real-life on-the-job experiences of how we must learn to not just integrate this information into our understanding of life, but instilling in us that Astrology, Past Lives, Karma and Life Lessons are the foundation of our journey and provide the key to unlocking our interaction into the crazy world we live in. So, as we enter the season of family and close relationships, it is important to remember while the bonds with these individuals may be near and dear to us, they are also critical ties to some very important life lessons for each of us. Take this time to thank and appreciate them, but more importantly try to find the lessons or karmic interaction that the Universe is laying at your feet.

I have too chuckle in hindsight at my naivete as I reminisce over blurting out to Margaret that I could have stayed with my ex-wife and received the same lack-of-support over an issue we were having a heated emotional discussion over. Ironically, I am happy to report, and Jean will confirm, I am still a work-in-progress relating to many of these same issues as they didn’t magically go away with my ex-wife or Margaret and are still alive and well with Jean. As Maitreya so gently explained to me many years ago, “These are your lessons, not your wives, learn the lesson and it will disappear, not your wife!” LOL

Don’t let the self or ego sell you the false hope that the issues you are dealing with are not yours, because no one is immune, and the learning never ends. I can attest to you through my experiences with Margaret, who was an incredibly gifted intuitive medium and channel, but she had to face the same life experiences, hardships and learning as everyone else. In fact, with her knowledge and understanding, in many ways her experiences in this incarnation were even harder as she chose to face some incredibly deep issues to allow her to purge the energy trapped within her from choices made in past incarnations. On a lighter note, I remember her standing at the bottom of a stair case in a beautiful cottage we were renting overlooking the Gold Coast of Australia as I came down the steps. Her demeanor was that of a 5-year old little girl who had been called out for being naughty. Her chin was resting on her chest, she was meekly looking down at the floor as little tears were flowing down her cheeks and she mumbles “Maitreya showed me that my actions towards you weren’t very Spiritual and I need to apologize to you”. She was 58-years old at the time, but her innocence and sincerity in that moment brings tears to my eyes as I reflect on the moment. As she would often say to those who tried to put her on a pedestal “I put my knickers on every morning just like you”!

Maitreya would often chide me with “And you profess to be Spiritual” when I was discussing an action or judgement about someone. As I’ve stated many times, judgement and control are lifelong lessons for me. I need look no further than the attributes of my Scorpio and Leo energy which are fixed elemental energies to recognize that I am a little fixed in my ways and rigid in my thinking at times! I don’t think I would get any argument from Jean or Korinne on these traits. I know I didn’t get any disagreement from Margaret or Maitreya! LOL

So, if you can see some of the fixed and rigid traits in your life, I welcome you to join me in this time of thanksgiving and introspection to reflect on your life lessons and the lessons of those around you. Try and recognize first and foremost that we need to strive to allow souls around us to make their own choices, as difficult as they may seem from our perspective, but this is how they learn from their own actions, plus it allows us to stay focused on our own lessons. Our life is unique to each of us and while we may all experience similar lessons in our learning, the underlying experiences that set the stage for our journey from past incarnations are not the same. I may have come to learn unyielding compassion whereas you have come to be somewhat selfish because in your soul journey you have never learned to put yourself first. Obviously, this will give you and I a very different perspective on the world and will make it very easy for us to judge each other’s actions rather than focus on our own unique life journey. The link that binds us should be empathy for each other’s experiences rather than sympathy or judgement which tends to invoke an emotional response that leads to interference. Empathy allows us to try and fit into another person’s shoes rather than trying to change the shoes they have chosen to wear and learn from.

It is a great time of year and the seasons are changing. Look around, we really do have so much to be thankful for. As for me, thank you Margaret, Maitreya, Sister, Jean, Korinne, Ratna and all those that have crossed my path, the future looks bright!

Have a great month