BUT, I Already Dealt with That!

Margaret would often give examples of past life energy coming to the surface that often surprised her, because she was “sure” she had already dealt with that “particular issue”, which often was about her difficult father and childhood! Fortunately, with Maitreya’s mentorship she came to realize and understand that she had only dealt with a portion of the energy, but now she was ready on a soul level to deal with the next layer. As Maitreya would often say, your energy field is like layers of an onion and when the soul is ready to face an issue, a layer is exposed to be processed, dealt with, and hopefully learned from. I even remember her one day in New Zealand having the profound “aha” moment and realizing the particular issue wasn’t about that difficult father she thought she had, but rather her mother. She was somewhat shocked, because she hadn’t allowed herself to see her mother in that light. Of course, we know it was the “Self” that was preventing her from seeing deeper into the energy and facing some deep emotional pain that was now being presented to her so she could release it and move forward in soul growth. Her last 5 years of life were quite intense as the layers of the onion were getting very close to the core and a lot of pain and tears flowed, but she accepted that this was part of her soul development, and she took full ownership in the knowledge that she had signed up for it.

I have witnessed the same thing through the years with Jean as past life issues came to the surface and she would be sitting with Margaret or Maitreya and the famous words would always come out, “BUT I already dealt with that”. I mention this, because as Jean and I do our teaching, this phrase always comes up. Unfortunately, it can hinder a soul’s ability to move forward because their “Self” has convinced them that they’ve already dealt with the issue, when in fact, the next layer is ready to be looked at, if only they have the courage to face it and don’t allow the “Self” to sabotage them.

It is so important that we try and be aware of, not just the depth of the energy trapped within us, but realize that by jumping directly to the “I forgive them” stage of the process bypasses the release of the pain and hurt that is the trapped energy within us. It takes courage and strength to face this trapped energy that your lower self is trying to desperately to keep from you. Your lower self knows that if you touch this painful energy, you will release this trapped energy and move forward in vibration, consciousness and soul growth.

Jean does a great individual course called, Chiron – Healing Your Deepest Wound, which assists you to take an in-depth look at your deepest wound through your Chiron placement in your Astrology. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and is a powerful place to start releasing some deep pain that the self is contently trying to keep from you to limit your soul growth and development. Remember, you can’t just jump to forgiveness, you need to become aware of the energy and process it. You might want to check out Jean’s course, just follow the link (https://maitreya.co/learning-center/private-study-alan-jean/chiron-healing-your-deepest-wound/).

Have a great month, a lot of turmoil is around us, try to stay focused on “YOU”!