Changing Lanes

//Changing Lanes

I was driving the other day and viewed the traffic ahead and calculated that if I changed lanes I would avoid some congestion. I quickly shifted lanes, but what I anticipated didn’t happened. The lane I switched too became more clogged than the one I left. I immediately cursed myself and started calculating what to do to resolve my miscalculation, or screw up if I listened to the little voice in my head. But, another thought entered my head; why are you wasting energy beating yourself up over your decision? Why not accept your situation and see what opportunity presents its self in the future. It may be in the next 5 seconds or it could be longer, but another opportunity will present itself to you if you just have the patience. In fact, if you weren’t wasting energy on beating yourself up over your initial decision and focus your energy on a positive outcome; possibly that energy that isn’t being wasted on self criticism may come into use in manifesting what it is you need.

I am finding myself in a battle lately over wasting energy on worrying about decisions or outcomes that haven’t even presented themselves yet. I am currently doing a project with a friend of mine for a company and we were discussing all the what-ifs scenario’s around the company’s possible response. I finally said, why don’t we just do our best to understand the situation and then just let things unfold. That last sentence is easy to say, but sometimes tough to adhere to, because our self always wants to keep us anxious or in fear of what’s next; when in fact, the outcome still has to manifest based on us and them.

When I first came together with Margaret/Maitreya, Maitreya use to counsel me on my habit of going over different scenario’s surrounding my upcoming business meetings. He would say, what a waste of energy. I would answer that I was just getting prepared. He would tell me to just trust in what the Universe presented to me in that moment of time. The interesting thing, if I think back on all my what-if scenarios, about 99.9% of them never arose in the meeting. I guess it was a waste of energy and as Maitreya would often say; “What could you be manifesting with that energy you are wasting?”

As I continued driving, sure enough another opportunity presented itself to change lanes and this time I easily navigated through the congestion. Maybe if I hadn’t cursed myself and instead, stayed positive, the opportunity would have presented itself sooner!

With the start of month number 2 in 2017, try to change lanes from beating yourself up over decisions present and past, you simply made a choice based on the information you had at the time. You can’t rewind time. Stay focused on the future with a positive attitude; you may be surprised at what the Universe presents to you. I can tell you this, if you are wasting your time tormenting yourself over the past, you may miss what is in front of you.

Have a great month, give someone or lots of someone’s a hug for Valentines Day!

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