After more than 15 years with my spiritual development on the metaphysical level, I have come to believe that we are here on the Earth plane to attend the school of life with three major tasks: working out our outstanding karmic debt; working through our past life energy from our own deep subconscious, and learning our own chosen life lessons. The utmost outcome is to complete your earthly incarnation and raise your vibration high enough so you will not need to come back to the Earth plane anymore.

We have nothing when we come into the human world and we leave the world with nothing. Everything we have in between is only a loan the Universe provides us for the period that we live on the Earth plane. Everyone we meet, everything we see, and all that we do are created only for the purpose of our soul’s learning and growing. The true nature of our life on the Earth plane is an illusion and a game, created for us to play while we are attending the school of life; in order to accomplish these three major tasks. How can we play and dance with the energy of life without being caught and wrapped in its illusion, which will ultimately get us trapped in the game? The key is to focus on the three major tasks to allow yourself a chance to see through the illusion.

All the relationships we have in our lives are outlets to allow us to work on the three major tasks I mentioned above. Our close relationships, – marriage, partnership (both personal and business), family and friends are the hardest. These relationships are used to instigate our most sensitive feelings and emotions. These close relationships are used to expose our darkest and most hidden aspects of our being and are where our greatest fears and deepest wounds lie. They permit us to uncover the deepest layer or layers of our past life or past lives. They are the best catalysts to force us to face our hardest lessons, to clear our darkest past life energy, and heal our deepest wounds so that we can integrate and become whole again. If we are courageous and brave enough to face these challenges, we then will inevitably go through the transformation of death and rebirth, just like the Phoenix as it burns itself into ashes, but with the morning sun, a new, young Phoenix arises from the ashes and spread its glorious wings to start anew. This process of transformation and renewal will not only enable us to completely let go of whatever we have outgrown in our deep psyche, but it allows us to raise our vibration to the consciousness level that we have yearned to reach, but have never been able to attain. This is Soul Evolution.

Maitreya wrote in his newsletters on several occasions that we (humanity) spend at least 85% of our current life in past life memory, which means we live at least 85% of our lives in past life energy. The way we think, the way we act, our likes and dislikes, and our habits, are all acting out from our own past life. Most of us are repeating or replaying the past lives without any idea about it. Thus, we should never overlook the power of past life energy and its impact on our current life. It is our past life energy that creates fear, doubt, insecurity, anxiety, jealousy, anger, unhappiness, dis-ease and other ‘negative’ emotions in our life.

One of the biggest hindrances that prevents us from facing our past life issues is our conditioning. The conditioning related to our cultural background, our beliefs, and the way we were taught and educated. The morality of our society imposed upon us, the rules, laws and regulations are all preventing us from getting into the core of our past life issues and releasing the past life energy. As a result, a majority of us are repeating the same patterns in relationships, reliving the same emotional drama in our current life that are barriers we need to break through to allow us to face the lessons we have chosen to learn from. We try hard and work hard to make a better life for ourselves, but find out that we are continually struggling, suffering, unhappy, uncertain, and fearful; we keep repeating certain patterns, situations, or attracting the same type of people or events into our lives. We often wonder why we must go through this, or why there is not an easy way out? While we are wondering and asking why? why? why?, we do not realize that we are the one who holds the key to resolve these issues; we are the one who has the answers which can only be found from within.

The key is to break the barriers of our conditioning. We do not realize how from a very young age that we are constantly being conditioned by our parents. Our education system, laws, religions, politics, society, cultural background, and traditions are just more rules to condition our thought and behaviors. We were taught and have become used to living our lives with right and wrong, white and black, should and should not, good or bad. We live in polarity and a split state of being mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We tend to accept only one way with our righteous mind but tend to struggle with anything in between. Because we are so used to living our lives this way, we do not realize that we are so heavily conditioned. It seems normal to us since this is all we’ve known. All our conditioning is based on our survival instinct and controlled by SELF, but this conditioning is a barrier to discovering our real-life purpose and it hinders our soul evolution.

I say this is from my own profound life experience. I am very fortunate. When I was living in India, I had to deal with issues and past life energy that was buried in my deep subconscious. It forced me to work on my karma, deep past life energy, and chosen life lessons. While we were in India, Margaret, Alan, Ratna and me experienced one of the most intensive energies from a lunar and solar eclipse, cardinal grand cross and both Mars (in Libra) and Saturn (in Scorpio) in Retrograde that was happening at the time. This intense energy configuration, along with the help of Spirit, pushed me to finally break the barrier of deep conditioning that I wasn’t even aware of. It had been holding me hostage and I was completely unaware. I was able to get into the very deep and dark layers of a past life energy, which my SELF had been holding onto for so long and did not want to do anything about it.

I had been working on the energy of this particular past life since 2006 on the emotional and physical level, but had no idea how complex and intense this past life experience really was. In order for me to get to the bottom of this past life and its energy, I had to confront, overcome and act against my very own conditioned principles and the social morality that I had lived by my whole life. I faced some very deep painful past experiences that held intense fear over me. As I faced my conditioning and fears, I was able to peel layers of emotional scars from the depths of my being. As the layers fell away one by one, I was able to get to the root energy. I was exposed to the depth of this past life so I could process and grow from the experience, both past and present. I was told of this past life 13 years ago, but until the moment of this energy coming to the surface 5 years ago, I had never been able to access the root energy. With the astrological configuration, and the isolation of the 4 of us in India, the Universe provided the perfect setting that allowed me to raise my vibration to a level where I was able to break the conditioning that my SELF had used to stop me. Luckily, this time, I had the guidance of Spirit, the help from those who were living with me in India, and my actions allowed me to follow it through.

This process enabled me to finally release and let go of my deep ingrained guilt, shame, self-hatred and self-sabotage. It allowed me to take full responsibility for my past actions and reactions with honesty and sincerity.  Had I not broken the barrier of conditioning, I would never have been able to get into the root of this past life and to clear the past life energy. Bringing this past life issue to my consciousness has also enabled me to better understand my natal chart and the lessons I have chosen to learn from the past life. I could now see the lessons I had never learned and why I have brought them back to learn again in my current life. It has fully allowed me to understand my karma in this life that was connected to the past life. To be honest, the whole process was absolutely a shock, eye opening and mind-boggling.

Life is all about experiences. Only through experiencing, can we learn and grow spiritually. There is no experience that is a bad experience, as long as we can learn from it. Often our strength can be developed through overcoming the adversities we encounter, our success can be born from our failures, and trust in our own inner guidance can come from our experience of deception. Remember, true compassion can grow through allowing the ones we love deeply to go through their own life challenges with total acceptance and emotional detachment. It is through our life experiences that we build the characteristics and attributes of our individuality and refine our soul.

Letting go of conditioning and emotional attachment requires courage and an open mind. Dare yourself to be a fool and have the courage to jump into the unknown by following your own inner guidance. The outcome of breaking the restriction and limitation of our conditioning is the freedom of our soul. When we truly allow ourselves to do so, we can truly rise above the human condition and see through the illusion to achieve the soul growth we strive for. When it is required to get into the root of some of our past life issues, we cannot hold onto anything, it is imperative to break the barriers of your conditioning. Yes, it is quite scary and risky, but the reward cannot be measured. The reward is your soul growth and one step closer to the source. Once done, leave all you have experienced behind and move on to the next level of learning and adventure.

If you feel you are in a holding pattern, feeling trapped and do not know what to do, look at your situation, what conditioning are you holding onto, find it and try to let it go, you will be surprised what life can bring to you. Why not give it a try? Have no fear!