As a conscious human being, we all know that we have a conscious mind, however, how many of us are aware of our subconscious and unconscious mind. Even if we are aware of them, how many of us are aware how greatly they affect everything we do in our life, from our consciousness to our soul evolution?

What is the conscious, what is the subconscious, and what is the unconscious? The conscious mind consists of everything, including things such as sensations, perceptions, memories, feeling and fantasies inside of our current awareness. This is the aspect of our mental processing that we can think and talk about in a rational way. The part of the human brain that works with the conscious mind is ‘limited to the cerebral cortex in the brain, a wrinkled layer just one millimeter thick that wraps around our brain like a bathing cap’. (From Amazon Prime – Automatic brain).  It probably represents about 10% of our brain capacity. The subconscious, also called preconscious, is between the conscious and unconscious. It includes the things and information that we are not thinking of, or actively aware of at a given moment, but which we can easily draw into our conscious awareness. “The subconscious is much larger than the conscious mind and accounts for around 50-60% of our brain capabilities.” (From The unconscious mind represents the part of the mind that cannot be known by the conscious mind and things that the conscious mind wants to keep hidden from our awareness, including socially unacceptable ideas, wishes and desires, unexpressed thought, feelings, traumatic memories and repressed painful emotions. The unconscious mind is the storehouse of all memories and past experiences, both those that have been repressed through trauma and those that have simply been consciously forgotten and no longer important to us. It is from these memories and experiences that our beliefs, habits, and behaviors are formed. It is vast, deep and largely inaccessible to conscious thought, a bit like the dark depths of the ocean. It represents about 30-40% of our brain capabilities. The unconscious constantly communicates with the conscious mind via our subconscious and is what provides us with the meaning to all our interactions with the world, as filtered through our beliefs and habits. It communicates through feelings, emotions, imagination, sensations, and dreams. (From

The subconscious/unconscious mind works together powerfully and efficiently, ‘it can simultaneously process 200,000 times more data than the conscious mind’. (From Amazon Prime – Automatic brain). As such, we can easily see that at least 90% of everything we do is managed and controlled by our subconscious/unconscious mind without our knowing, regardless of whether we are awake or asleep.

In other words, our subconscious/unconscious mind is a vast storage bin which not only contains the information and energy from our current and past lives, but is continuously collecting and storing all our unexpressed thoughts, feelings and emotions and we will carry these collected memories into our future incarnations if we do not work through them in our present incarnation. Even though we are unaware of these feelings, thoughts, urges and emotions, they will have an influence on our behavior from the subconscious/unconscious. The depth and complexity of this energy is far beyond our imagination and comprehension. Unfortunately, it can control, dictate and manipulate our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, habits, choices and decisions without us realizing it, and it greatly affects our relationships, health, career, and quality of life.  Thus, being aware of our subconscious/unconscious is extremely important for our soul evolution. Without awareness of this part of ourselves and the knowledge, desire and perseverance to deal with it, will greatly hinder us in raising our consciousness and vibration.

Maitreya emphasized that most of the humanity spends at least 85% of their life in past life energy. In other words, most of us are living our lives continuously repeating past life patterns, past life relationships, past life scenarios because we are living in past life mode without realizing it. Our thoughts, emotions, words, likes, dislikes, habits, beliefs, no matter how small or random, are not coming from nowhere, but from our subconscious/unconscious soul memory. These tendencies and traits arising from past life experiences are often triggered during our early years of our present life, but we’re unprepared to deal with them or let go because they are too painful or too scary to face or to express. We either push them deep down within our psyche, try to forget them, or pretended they are not there so long as we are not reminded of them, or we escape to somewhere else where we are not reminded of or bothered by those people, events, incidents or happenings that are triggering feelings we don’t understand or are choosing not to deal with. We all have experienced what I mentioned above as we have all lived through a painful situation related to our past incarnations on the Earth Plane or had an encounter early in this incarnation that triggers this energy. Unfortunately, we can try all we can to forget, but whatever is hidden in our deep subconscious/unconscious will inevitably affect our happiness, health, relationships and every aspect of our life no matter how old we have become or how much success we have achieved. Because we have repressed so much unexpressed thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs, and we have carried so much traumatic and painful energies from past experiences, our deep subconscious/unconscious has stored so much deep and dark negativity energy. This trapped energy is waiting for each of us to take responsibility and action to look at it courageously and intimately so that we can release it and move into higher vibration and consciousness. It is the energies stored in our deep subconscious/unconscious that keep us repeating the past, tethering us incarnation after incarnation to the earth plane. We cannot permanently return to our true home in the world of Spirit until we have dealt with all this energy that is outstanding in our deep subconscious soul memory – our Akashic Record.

I always remember an event that happened in January 2010. On January 15, 2010 there was a solar Eclipse at 25 degrees Capricorn. It was in exact conjunction with my natal Chiron. I felt the intensive energy being built up within me before the eclipse took place, but I did not know what it was about. It caused me to be mentally, emotionally and physically drained, big time!  So, for the first time I did not want to go to work and chose to stay home in bed on that day when the eclipse took place. This was unusual for me and for anyone who knew my work ethic. Then my teacher and mentor Margaret McElroy called me as she heard that I did not feel well. I told her how I felt, and she pointed out to me that it was my father issues. I was surprised to hear her saying this. So, I replied to her, “Again my father?! I thought I have already dealt with it.” And she answered me, “Yes, you have started to work on it, yet, you only have touched the surface of the bottom of it, but the bottom is so deep and so dark! You’d better get to work on it now!” As she was saying this to me, I immediately felt my solar plexus rumbling and it soon spread to my whole stomach and abdomen area, and I immediately felt so sick. I told her my body’s reaction and she replied to me, “Maitreya told me that he just pulled the plug!” In other words, Maitreya, through his channel Margaret, was opening my deep subconscious/unconscious to bring the deep buried energy to the surface so that I could face it. It started my healing crisis and I went through a huge healing process over the next two days. I was so exhausted as the energy was released but I felt much lighter and more positive as it was cleared. I cannot thank Margaret/Maitreya enough for opening my deepest wound around my father and authority issues for healing. Otherwise, I could not be where I am today.

Everything is energy; energy is the life force, it is real and alive. It is created and set in motion the very moment we think or feel, and it is ready to be expressed, experienced and manifested into matter. Whenever we experience something negatively or positively, if we never deal with it due to our fear, insecurity, conditioning and beliefs at that time, or we can’t let it go for whatever reason, the thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs from that experience, are deposited into our deep subconscious/unconscious and continue to stay there until it is expressed or released. If it is not dealt with in one incarnation, it will be carried over to another incarnation, and another incarnation till it is either dealt with or it will manifest as a form of physical or mental dis-ease to release the energy.

The deep buried energy from previous experiences will attract the people and situations from the past, re-create the same patterns, scenarios and conditions, and create the similar experiences in our life to assist us to deal with the trapped energy. All these people and situations will act as mirrors to allow us to see and act to address this repressed, trapped or unexpressed energy as it comes to the surface to be dealt with. If we are not aware, or we do not have the metaphysical knowledge and understanding, we will simply relive the past life or lives, and continue to be trapped in the past life energy. Each time we run away from dealing with it, it will add another layer or layers of the same thoughts, emotions and feelings on top of the old energy, which will penetrate our deep subconscious/unconscious and become trapped stagnant energy blocks in our bio-energetic field, which will cause all sorts of difficulties, hardship and diseases in our current of future lives. In fact, most of our relationship issues, health problems, money struggles, career challenges, and hardships in life are due to the deep subconscious/unconscious energy blocks of repressed and trapped unexpressed thoughts, feelings and emotions. Yes, they are trapped and stagnant, but they do not die! They are still alive, and constantly, they silently dictate our conscious thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs, which influence our choices, decisions and quality of life without us being aware of their existence.

How many of us have met someone and then said we would never want to meet them again, or experience something that we say we would never wish to experience again, but find ourselves meeting the same type of people and repeating the same scenario over, and over again? It may not be with the same person, but the energy is the same as we ran away from before; We might not be in the same relationship, but later realized that no matter how many relationships we have tried to establish, it turned out to have the same issues or problems that we tried to run from or avoid. We can try to avoid, escape or run away from whatever we do not wish to face or deal with because it is too much to take, but I can assure you that it will not go away or disappear, because the energy is deep within us and until we stop running, face it and deal with it, it will remain alive in our deep subconscious. What I said here is true from my own learning experience.

I used to complain that I had a difficult childhood and I did not want to be with my family. I felt so repressed and burdened because I had to look after my brothers and sisters, plus I had to work hard to help my mother to support our family. I left home at the age of 17 and I never went back home to live. I only occasionally went back for a short visit as if I was a guest and an outsider. I thought this was fine until 2017, when the Universe brought me back to China. My oldest younger brother was going to have his second oral surgery to remove cancer tissues and cells from his tongue. I went home for him with the hope that I could look after him and give him healing during his surgery period. Surprisingly, he not only did not want to see me, but he was acting like an authority and father figure. He even instructed my sister to prevent me from going to see him and I could not understand why? To be honest, I felt deeply hurt. I never felt such rejection and anger from my siblings. My sister lost her voice for no reason right before I went there. The energy from my anger literally destroyed my only computer and I had to buy a new one and I became very sick too. It lasted till after we came back to the US. Afterwards, I felt so depressed as if the events had hit the core of my being. Later, I asked myself the question, “what really happened in this incident and what do I need to learn from it?” Spirit guided me to look at my own natal chart. I have Mars in Pisces in the 3rd house, the house of siblings and communication. It indicates that I have karma with my siblings, especially my old brother and sister. We were rivalries in a past life and I did terrible things to them which created great animosity and anger in them towards me. I chose this life to pay back my karmic debt to them by working hard and providing support for their living in the early stages of our lives. Unfortunately, I did not have the metaphysical knowledge at that time. Although I worked hard to pay my karma, I was constantly moaning, groaning and complaining about my life. I did not want to have anything to do with them, so I ran away from them. However, the past life energy was still present, and the Universe was creating this time to bring this unresolved energy to the surface to be dealt with. I sincerely hope that we have cleared this past life energy among us through this episode that played out last December during my visiting so we all can move forward with our own life. Positively, through this incident, my brother has released and cleared so much past life energy, his cancer has not killed him, he is still alive, even though he has been battling stage IV cancer two years!

This understanding has helped me understand my family’s actions and anger towards me; it enabled me to forgive them and myself, instead of feeling hurt and being angry with them, I developed sincere gratitude to them for helping me pay my karma to them and for clearing the outstanding karmic energy among us.

Dealing with what resides in our deep subconscious/unconscious is a long process. The more issues we have from many incarnations, the harder and longer it takes us to deal with. I often hear from others, “I really thought I faced and dealt with this issue, but it appears to be back again.” This has also happened to me many times. In the beginning I thought it was the same issue, but later I realized that the energy or issue was in fact a deeper layer of the same energy that the Universe had determined I was now ready to address.

The energy blockage from our stagnant thoughts, emotions, beliefs, habits and conditioning is like a big onion, piled layer upon layer from time to time and from incarnation to incarnation. Therefore, the release and clearing process is like peeling a big onion. It requires great patience, perseverance and awareness. It takes time, one layer, or a few layers at a time. As we continually work on it, the onion will become smaller and smaller till one day it is completely gone. The more we do, the faster we clear the energy, the better we become. As we let go of the old, we have more space for the new energy coming in. Our life and reality will reflect what we have changed from within. We will be much happier, and easier to manifest our hopes, wishes and dreams.

The process of exploring and bringing the deep subconscious/unconscious to the conscious is a journey of finding who we truly are. Through this journey, we are learning to embrace whatever we have discovered and love the person that resides deep within us unconditionally. As Maitreya wrote, “The secret to who you are lies within you, deep within the subconscious.” – Maitreya Quotes App.

By developing total acceptance and unconditional love to ourselves, we will be able to eventually have total acceptance and unconditional love to others, and to everyone and everything. This is a journey to super consciousness.