Create Your Reality From A Place of Love, Instead of Fear
by Laura Elliott

I find myself getting to practice the things that I hear the Angels teaching others about.  This shouldn’t be a surprise to me, and I suppose it’s not, but a reminder that I am still human too with all the failings and trappings that that entails.  By delivering these messages to others, and having the vision, knowing and clarity I receive by delivering these messages, I feel it has given me an even greater awareness to observe the occurrences in my life that need addressing than I might have had otherwise.

Work is a good example for me.  I’ve spoken of my “day job” previously, but I’ve come to realize that so much of how I value myself has been wrapped up in my considered value and expertise by others at work.  Starting over so late in life at a new place that’s similar, yet different, to what I’m used to has really given me the opportunity to realize I’d been doing this, to think about why, what do I get from doing that?  Or is it a holdover from childhood or even a previous life.  At first, it gave me the opportunity to see and understand that the value I’ve been placing on myself appeared to be from outside sources.  How competent and knowledgeable I appeared at my job told me that I was a good person, a person to be respected, and failure was devastation.  I couldn’t fail, because that would mean people would think less of me.  And maybe that’s true, or maybe that’s just my perception, or assumption, of what they’d be thinking of me.  But what’s really happening?  Other people are a mirror for me of how I feel about myself.  And realizing that I’m looking for validation outside of myself, I’m never likely to find it because if they are mirroring for me what I feel than I will never see my worth or find the validation I’m seeking until I look inside and change my perceptions of myself so that they are then mirroring my sense of worth and self-validation.  So, you must seek the change you desire within yourself to change your outer reality.  As within, so without.

Another aspect to this is fear.  As I hear the Angels say repeatedly, there is either love or fear.  All emotions will fall under one or the other, and we have the choice to choose which we will experience.  We are taught from a young age that things just happen TO us, and in this way, we learn to be victims.  When I examine this situation with my “day job” what also comes up is fear.  If they decide I’m not performing to standards, despite my previous experience in the field, they could potentially release me from employment.  So that brings up fear of failure, as well as how I will take care of myself if I don’t succeed at this job and can’t pay my rent, buy groceries, generally take care of my physical self.  Fear is a method of holding us back, to keep us from achieving the fullness of the Light Being that we are.  Fear has been used as a control device since time immemorial, it keeps us from achieving our greatest heights that we as Spiritual Beings having a physical incarnation are truly capable of.  Fear is so engrained in us that others think you ridiculous, foolish and irresponsible if you attempt to break free of it.  There is a time for everything.  There is Divine timing that helps us through this if we but listen and have the feeling of knowing the truth of abundance.  The only thing blocking our abundance is our consideration of lack, and our inability to release the concept of “want” versus existing in the energy of what we “need”.  Our “wants” are substitutions for a need deep in our soul stemming from an unhappiness, a piece of us that we feel is missing because we’ve turned a blind eye to our true nature and don’t know how to get it back.  When we realize we can be happy with so much less, we can then shift our focus back to what is necessary.

Again, this is so easy to say and so much harder to do.  This is what I’m working through as well.  I haven’t received any special dispensations because I’m a conduit for the Angels messages, and neither has anyone else.  We are all here on Earth working through this together.  It is a choice to look at the parts of yourself that you may not like so well, but there is also so much reward in doing so.  When you turn to face the unpleasant things, examine them and understand them, you are then able, through awareness of said unpleasant thing, to make a CONSCIOUS choice.  To let go of victimhood and TAKE YOUR POWER BACK and realize the vastness of the Spiritual Being you truly are, and how truly powerful and capable you are of creating the reality you choose.  You have been excellent at creating the reality you don’t want by focusing on it, you are just as capable of creating the reality you DO want by focusing on that!  The first step is awareness and the willingness to look at things that you may not be comfortable looking at.  But as I look at how I was determining my value, I feel a sense of freedom in the moments I’m able to let that go and realize my value doesn’t depend on anything external, but solely from an internal source.  When I’m able to do that, I can accept the judgements from others without donning the mantle of failure.  I can CHOOSE not to experience fear, and instead detach and let things simply be an experience I’m currently having.  People think it’s natural to fear, and that there’s something wrong with you, for example, if you lose your job and you’re not afraid.  But I tell you, fear only stops the flow of energy and makes things so much more difficult.  An analogy the Angels like to use is if you turn a water hose on and the hose is straight, with no kinks, the water flows through unobstructed at full force.  If you were to twist the hose and put kinks in it, the water will slow to a trickle or stop all together.  That is what fear does to us.  It stops the flow of energy and disrupts our creative ability and our Guides ability to reach us and assist us.  Our natural state of Being is Love, and always will be.

I pray I will learn this lesson of searching for acceptance and validation from within rather than from without quickly and with completion so that I can then move on to having a different type of work, and life, experience.  Working for myself while still helping others would be a very joyful experience for me, so that is where I will be focusing my creative energy for 2020.

I wish for you a Happy Holiday season and a joyful, creative, life-changing 2020! 💓