Culling the Old

//Culling the Old

Culling is a term I learned from Margaret. She quite frequently goes through her closet and “Culls” her closet. In other words she throws out what she feels she no longer needs. It is a practice Maitreya has taught her to continuously remove old energy by discarding old clothes or other possessions she no longer needs. In fact, the word Culling means to Discard, Reject, Remove, Scrap, Get Rid or Cast Off per the dictionary.

The unfortunate thing about Culling, is that it takes discipline to do it and it also takes the will to let go of something that you may like, or you may think you need to keep in case you need it in the future or perhaps the item has some emotional hold on you.

With our decision to move back to India, the Universe conveniently provided the catalyst to “Cull” all our possessions that had been in storage in Seattle, WA while we were India the last time. We paid to have it all shipped to Concord, CA when we moved here last year, but this time around, we have decided it is time to shed all our possessions, knowing when it is time to settle back down again, the Universe will provide all we need filled with brand new energy.

Along with the personal and household stuff, I was forced to confront all the business and personal files that had been kept or should I say horded over the last couple of decades. After 30 large 30-gallon garbage bags of shredding, I have definitely let go of some stuff that probably could have been scrapped years ago.

Through this whole process, it offered me time to contemplate the meaning and/or lessons learned as I evaluated an object or a statement. I had to consciously make the decision to get rid of it. Sometimes the choice or decision to let go caused me a lot of consternation, but the more I forced myself into the process, the easier it was to let go and I pushed myself to error on the side of casting it off, rather than holding onto the particular item. I actually feel lighter and even felt a sense of accomplishment as I battled my Self; who wants to hold onto everything. The mind chatter was constant in the beginning, the Self saying “you might need that in the future, this belonged to so and so who means so much to you, blah, blah, blah”, but the more you face down the emotional traps the Self loves to hang onto, the easier it is to discard so much stuff that really is not required in your life.

The interesting thing to me in this process is that it reiterated for me the understanding that these items are just physical items that have relatively no meaning or value to me related to my metaphysical journey. They are just emotional ties to the physical aspect of my being.

Remember, we are not talking about the energy that is trapped within our soul memory from our past life experiences that we have come to “Cull” in this incarnation! How many bags of emotional junk do you have inside yourself that you need to Discard, Reject, Remove, Scrap, Get Rid or Cast Off?

Is it time to bring out your “Emotional Shredder”? If it is, lift the lid on the past life energy that is trapped within yourself waiting to be faced, contemplated and released. This is the real stuff you have come to discard from your soul memory on your metaphysical journey. The personal stuff we tend to hold onto is a good start, but maybe start looking at the “Real” stuff inside you that the Self is holding onto.

Remember, just like “Culling” your closets, once you get started it becomes easier.

Have a great month!

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