We continuously encounter our emotions in all facets of our lives. Let’s face it; the Earth plane is just an emotional school of learning. We have chosen the curriculum of this plane of existence to allow us to work through the power of emotion on a couple different levels. Unfortunately, I think most of us jump to the end level as we jump into our metaphysical frame of mind. This means trying to jump to the detachment level versus the working through the energy of the situation level. I have come to realize through my own experiences as I made my hyper-leap to detachment (LOL), that it was just my Self’s way of running away from the issue, and more importantly, running away from the learning and trapped energy associated with my issues.

With my new mindset of being “Metaphysical”, wasn’t I suppose to detach from the emotions? That’s what all the quotes and slogans from my books and gurus were telling me. Become a vegetarian, meditate, jump under a pyramid, think positive, do a past life, do some numerology, put love in your heart and “Detach”.

I remember a discussion with a close associate whose favorite line was “I have detached and am giving no energy to the situation”. I asked him one time, would it be better to error on the side of giving the situation some energy and possibly forcing some issues and energy to surface to be dealt with? I said, “What if the detachment card acts more like a placebo pill that the Self part of us (Ego) is feeding us, so we won’t have to really face the issue or situation at hand and learn the lessons we have chosen to learn?”

I personally struggle with communication; it’s in my astrology with my Mercury (planet of communications) retrograde and confrontation (Low Confidence; Saturn in the 1st house). So for me, speaking my truth in a non-confrontational way is not as easy as my old standby of “I am going to detach from the situation and I am not going to give it any energy”.  Without working through the energy and learning the lessons I have chosen in this area, I will not only never reach true detachment, but more importantly I will not release all the trapped pain and emotion buried deep in my soul memory that I came to release.


So, don’t let the Self convince you that detachment is just a frame of mind, it is a destination only reached once you have cleansed your soul memory. You can only purge the trapped energy from the soul memory through facing and experiencing the lessons and situations you have chosen to face and learn from in this incarnation. Don’t let the Self play the detachment game with you, the trapped energy will not only make you sick, it will bring you back to do it again in your next incarnation.

I have found myself releasing a lot of anger since I have come to India. I happened to be in a mall the other day waiting with Margaret for our colleagues to finish shopping. Maitreya decided to appear to talk with me while Margaret and I were waiting. He let me know how appreciative they were in their world for having the opportunity to experience through Margaret’s physical being the emotions of the Earth plane. He said there is a difference for them between sensing the energy and being able to truly experience it through the physical form. As he made a couple observations about all the fear, anger and anxiety he was picking up, I mentioned how angry it seemed I had been getting since I had arrived here. He surprised me with his response. It wasn’t that I should “Detach”, it was that I needed to insure I let it out and didn’t repress it. I know upon further contemplation, I do have considerable anger inside from a prior incarnation here in India. So, while a lot of the anger is coming to the surface for me over the abject poverty here and me trying to reconcile that with the realization of how truly fortunate I am. The Libra part of me feels GUILTY, but metaphysically I need to experience this and allow this anger to come to the surface for me to release.

Now being a Libran, my energy always goes to the underdog, so my tips and generosity have raised a few eyebrows.

by Alan McElroy