Embrace the Energy

Embrace the Energy and ask the question, Why?

I went to an event the other night on Pranic Healing. The young lady demonstrated techniques to clean your or someone else’s energy field. One technique she recommended was taking a saltwater bath to cleanse your aura. Jean and I actually do lavender and eucalyptus Epsom-salt bathes fairly regularly to cleanse/refresh our bodies both physically and energetically. Back in about 2008, we developed with Maitreya’s assistance, a spray-product called Aura balance that assists you to cleanse your auric field, or the energy field of the room or space you venture into. Margaret and I would use it in hotel rooms and rental cars when we traveled to assist us to neutralize other people’s left behind energy. I remember a time when I had to use Margaret’s computer to have work conversations with my business partner. While Margaret was in the shower, my Skype phone call using her computer got quite heated and confrontational and when she innocently came out and sat down at her computer all hell broke lose as she immediately absorbed all the contentious energy hovering at her computer desk. So yes, other people’s energy fields or energy they leave behind can affect us and we need to be aware of how it can affect us as we come in contact with it and ultimately process it.

Another area that the lady touched on related to clearing energy from aches and pains or emotional issues that we have. She used a technique whereby she put a small container of saltwater on the floor and then concentrated on the individual’s etheric energy and pulled it out or cut it using hand motions, and then she discarded it into the water on the floor. She picked a lady from the group who had a sore left heel to demonstrate. I think the lady’s heel felt somewhat better when she was done, but as I was watching the healing unfold you could tell that the issue with the heel was much deeper than a superficial sore heel. It begged the question of why was the heel hurting, and what was the root cause of the energy in the heel? This is an area Maitreya always stressed, the trapped energy had to start from some situation or incident.

Ironically, one of the questions during the question and answer was from an older lady that had a neighbor whose son was mentally challenged. Apparently, he often would refer to her as his mother and she felt uncomfortable with that. Her question was how could she cut the energy from this young man. My question is why is he referring to you as his mother? If you can touch that answer, it may open up a whole other area of karma and life lessons that is possibly residing next door to you. There are no accidents.

Always ask the Universe about physical and emotional issues, you may be surprised at the answer!

Have a good month.