The Experience of Life

//The Experience of Life

We have seen a great deal of change during the month of April. After returning home from India, we made the decision to change our business structure. This decision was not arrived at easily, as we all cherished the Intuitive Arts Center, but the energy is moving and changing, and it no longer made sense to have such a large space in Seattle, when our energy is focusing on India.  So we took all of April packing, moving and clearing, to be able to let go of the old space, and to move into a smaller space. Our new space is where the business is run from, and we still have our services available online. However, in this time of transition there became a diminishing need for such a large space here in the US.

During the process of clearing and moving, we answered many sad and confused emails. But, rest assured that everything is still functioning as it did before, the one big thing that has changed is the location.  This process really brought to light how many of us become attached to the comfort zone we create. It was easy to go in to the Center every day; it was easy to see it as dependable and stable. But, the Universe changes and so must we. When you look at your own life, you begin to realize how many things you depend on and what you think will always be there. Then things change and it is no longer there, and all of a sudden, you are left wondering what happened?

Such is the way of energy. When you learn to go with the energy of something, it will naturally move you in the best direction. It may not feel so at the time, because often times change has to take place for it to happen. However, with time and distance from the change, all of a sudden you realize that you are right where you need to be and that everything was, is and always will be perfect. We just need to accept that there are no accidents in life, as Maitreya always reminds us. No matter what you are going through, it is there for you to learn and grow from. If you are angry, find out why. If you are sad, reveal the source of that sadness. Many times, it is not what you think it is. But, it always takes a change in our lives to reveal those deeper energies to us, so that we can let them go forever.

by Karen Downing

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