Going with the Constant Change

//Going with the Constant Change


Going with the Constant Change

Once we have started to live our life using metaphysical principles, our perception and understanding about life inevitably begins to change. We gradually move away from living in a “survival mode” mentality – the lower Self-part of us, which originated from the animal kingdom is less dominant as we begin to move into higher consciousness – the Higher-Self part, which is the essence and spiritual aspect of each human soul. This process creates changes in our physical world – relationships, finance, residence, career, health, etc. The physical world is the manifestation of the changes in our own inner world. Make no mistake, the Universe knows exactly what we need and it will for sure do everything it can to assist each of us to raise our vibration and move forward on the journey of soul evolution. Our personal natal chart is our own unique blueprint and roadmap that the Universe is acting upon. Of course, we always have free will choice that affects how we react to the changes the Universe is bringing into our lives for our soul learning. If we live our life according to our life plan written in our natal chart in this incarnation, our life will no longer be stagnant, but be in constant change.

I have chosen to be born as a double Sagittarius (both Sun and Ascendant in Sagittarius) in this incarnation. As such, my path of soul development in this lifetime involves seeking and seeing the big picture through traveling and seeing the world, or experiencing as much of life as I can, searching for universal laws and principles to enlarge my horizons and expand my understanding of life. Therefore, discovering the meaning behind the lesson, the purpose and the opportunity for growth is ultimately my true focus in this lifetime. This will allow me to bring what I have learned and experienced, along with the new meaning of life I have discovered into fuller expression in the world I share with others. However, I didn’t know my life plan and purpose until I found Margaret/Maitreya via the website – maitreya.co (it used to be maitreya-edu.org) and took courses with them in 2003. Before that, I pursued science and became a scientist, I achieved worldly success, but it ultimately left my heart empty. I felt lost, because I didn’t know my life plan and I wasn’t living or experiencing my life according to it!

Luckily, it started to change right after I finished my study with Margaret/Maitreya. Since then, my life has been in constant change according to my life plan. One of the changes is to travel from country to country, and from place to place. It has accelerated since 2012 when I entered my second Saturn Return and began living with Margaret and Alan after we closed our metaphysical center in Issaquah, WA. During this five-year period, with Margaret/Maitreya, Alan, Ratna, and Korinne, we let go of our material belongings, and started to travel. We lived in or traveled to Gurgaon India, Kathmandu Nepal, Dubai, Singapore, Concord CA, then Hyderabad India, the Gold Coast in Australia, and Auckland New Zealand. We eventually returned Seattle, WA where we had originally departed from for our five-year adventure in the middle of June of 2016. The five-year life experience taught me the true meaning of living life utilizing metaphysical principles. Our life is no longer about survival, but about working on karma, working through past life issues, past life energy, and learning chosen life lessons. We have been constantly learning to let go and adapt to the metaphysical concept of “Living in the Now”, letting go of material attachment and having faith, trust, patience and perseverance. Margaret’s sudden passing, a month after she and Maitreya brought us back to Seattle, and two weeks after we settled down in a rental house in Renton, WA, took our learning and experiences in a completely unexpected direction. In an instant of time, our security blanket and comfort zone was removed, and we were left alone to stand on our own. The four of us as a close group with Margaret/Maitreya for the previous five-years and under their tutelage for twelve-years were learning grief, letting go and healing ourselves as a result of her passing, and not having her or Maitreya in our physical lives anymore.

It has been almost two years and although Margaret/Maitreya are no longer with us physically, they are still with us in Spirit. What we have learned from our up close and personal experiences with them on a daily basis has been embedded in our soul, and become the guidance and source of inspiration to continue our journey of life. Thus, whenever the universe brings change into our life, we do not resist or fight, but embrace and go with it, without questioning why, how and what. The irony is that Alan, Korinne, Ratna and I, the four of us all have strong Sagittarius energy in our natal chart, indicating that we are on the same wavelength in regards to searching for enlarging our horizons and expanding our understanding of life through travels and experiences as much as we can.

Last year Alan and I were prompted to go to Shanghai, China and we lived there for two months. We did not question why we felt we need to go, but just embraced the moment and went. We subsequently interacted with four people and it turned out we were all connected with each other in a profound past life. As a result, both Alan and I released a huge amount of past life energy. It was a truly mind-boggling experience and surprised both of us.

This year, as the new-year began, we all felt strongly that we were going to move from the Renton residence Margaret had guided us to, but we did not know why, when, where or how it was going to unfold. Then in February, out of nowhere, Ratna received a job offer from the company in New Orleans Louisiana, which he worked for as his first job 21 years ago when he first arrived the USA. Alan, Korinne and I have never been in New Orleans, which is in the southern part of the USA, but with trust in the Universe and accepting the metaphysical premise that “There are no accidents and there is a reason for everything”, off we went. So, living in New Orleans will be a new experience.

As soon as Ratna finalized his job offer at the end of April, Alan, Ratna and I drove our Honda Pilot, fully loaded with Ratna’s personal belongings to New Orleans from Seattle. It was about 2700 miles from our home in Renton WA to New Orleans LA. Alan drove about 700 miles each day. While Ratna and I could not help closing our eyes for naps on the road, Alan stayed focused on driving. We safely arrived in Metairie LA (suburb of New Orleans) in three and half days. As soon as we arrived, we started to look for houses for rent. Within a week, we not only found a house that met all of our needs, but also signed the lease. As soon as we signed the lease, Ratna moved in and slept on an air mattress; Alan and I flew back Seattle to finish packing and moving. The house we rented is a beautiful house, very convenient and close to everything. It only takes Ratna 18 minutes of local driving alongside beautiful Lake Pontchartrain to his office. It is much less stressful and more pleasant for him than his 1 to 1.5 hour commute he had in Seattle.

While we were in New Orleans, Korinne was in our home in Renton, WA packing. By the time Alan and I returned back to Renton, she had already finished packing the kitchen, pantry and all fountains (we have 11 fountains in our house!). Thus, it only took the three of us four days to pack the rest of the entire house, and it was much sooner than we have planned.  We then loaded all our stuff and furniture into a 26 foot Penske rental truck. We loaded everything by ourselves, two senior citizens and one young lady with no muscles, LOL. Everything went so smoothly; we were able to be on the road three days earlier than expected. This was Alan’s first time driving a fully loaded 26ft truck, and to top it off, he also was pulling a car tow dolly with Ratna’s Toyota car attached behind the big truck. It was absolutely a new adventure. We had the fortunate experience of blowing the tire on the left side of the car tow dolly the 3rd day of the trip (LOL). The tire was completely blown into strips on the third way morning while we were on the interstate highway between Butte and Bozeman Montana. We had to pull the truck to the side of Interstate 90 and waited for 45 minutes for someone from the Penske to replace the tire. Despite the unexpected happening, we all did not complain or panic, and we stayed calm and the prospective crisis just turned into a learning event with no issues. Thanks to our decision to stay on interstate roads and not go via local roads, it made our trip easier and less stressed. With Korinne’s organization skills – planning, choosing our driving route, and booking hotels, etc., and Alan’s incredible capability to stay focused on driving, we safely arrived at our new home at Metairie, LA in five and half days, two days earlier than we have planned.

As soon as we arrived to our new home at Metairie, LA, we started unloading and unpacking. Ratna came home early from work to help Alan unload the furniture and heavy items and move them into the house. Within 30 days from our first trip to New Orleans, we had completely settled in before the end of the month of May. We now have a new and beautiful home in the southern part of USA! It was quite a huge task which seemed to be too much and impossible at the beginning, but we did it by ourselves. We made it through team work and cooperation among the four of us. It is indeed quite a profound learning and growing experience. I am truly proud of ourselves!

Moving 2700 miles away from beautiful Seattle, WA, a place that I always love and feel at home, to New Orleans, LA, a place that I don’t know anyone or anything, is a big change for me. It is beyond my wildest imagination. To be honest, it was very hard for me during the moving process. Before we left our empty house in the Renton Highlands, near Seattle, I walked around the house and its environment, I became very emotional and I could not help crying because that house was the house Margaret/Maitreya led us to settle in before her passing. It has special meaning to all of us. I was told by Spirit last September that I would always remember it and it would always have a special place in my heart, and that one day I would go back to visit that place. When I was told this by Spirit, I had no idea that we were soon going to move away from that house! I felt sad because I didn’t want to let go of the most precious memory of the last time with Margaret/Maitreya physically. My Self was not happy and was fighting as it was forced to move out of its comfort zone. Luckily, with the help of my Higher Self and the support from Alan, Korinne and Ratna, I didn’t give in to my Self and I faced my fear and embraced the change rather than resisting it. I allowed myself to go through the healing process, and once the energy was released, I then became calm with a much better understanding of the bigger picture.

During our two trips down to New Orleans, LA, we have passed through 15 states of USA – Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. The energy is so different in each state and we felt it as we passed through. I am sure the different energy we felt in each of these states will affect us subtly and energetically. We all know there is a reason for us to go through this process. It reminded me of the Brotherhood course I took with Margaret/Maitreya in Taupo New Zealand in 2004. A classmate who was from Europe had to change her flight to get to Taupo. The flight did not arrive in Taupo directly, but landed in another city for a short while. The unexpected flight change was a bit stressful for her. She did not understand why she had to go through this unexpected happening. The first day on the course, she asked Maitreya about it. Maitreya explained to her that she needed to touch the soil of that city, hence the plane landed to enabled her to connect to a past life energy because she had lived in that place in a past life. So I believe that there is a reason for us to pass through these 15 states during our move from Seattle, WA to New Orleans, LA. I do not know the reason yet, but I do believe Maitreya’s words, “there are no accidents.” I just have to let it unfold patiently.

This move is clearly meant to be as everything fell into place perfectly, and we went through the whole process smoothly. Although I don’t know why the Universe took us to New Orleans, LA, I do know that the state of Louisiana is the origin of many cotton plantations during the time of slavery. There is no doubt in my mind that I have past life or past lives connecting with this place, otherwise, why was my Self so scared and fighting the move? I just need to let the universe guide us and let it unfold, and have total faith, trust, and patience to embrace the new adventure and new experience. All will be well.

The following are the pictures of our move and our new home, hope you enjoy them:


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