How I Have Survived 2018: Spiritual Insights and Some Highlights

This past year was a wreck, to be honest. I had a feeling that we all had to die just to be born again. For me it was a fact.

I had to lose my partner to find myself. I had to lose financial support to find my capabilities. I had to lose my animal friend to find compassion and unlimited love. I had to lose a friend to find my true worthiness. I had to lose my left ovary and tube to find appreciation for my female aspect. I had to lose all attachments to people, situations, material possessions, security and expectations to free myself of everything that is not beneficial for my Spiritual growth.

Yes, it was hard. Lots of fear, lots of tears but I am grateful for knowing why.

Even though my Lower Self was fighting with all that it had, and trust me, it had a lot of munitions. As it pulled everything to the surface, it was not a fight, it was a war! Lots of my friends and clients had similar experiences and a lot of hardships.

According to Numerology, 2018 was a Master number 11 that carried the energies for life altering transformations. 11 represents illumination, a SELF number, spirituality, intuition. That answers why 2018 brought out our deepest fears and wounds including all traumas that we thought we had healed. Guess what, we haven’t.

Another important number is 2 which represents cooperation and balance. It highlighted our insecurities, mirroring all our issues in relationships and partnerships.

2018 had too many strong eclipses (Solar and Lunar), we had very strong energies to deal with, amplified by so many retrogrades at the same time…pushing us to deal with everything that we had buried inside. The Universe conspired to test us in the most unbelievable ways. We should be grateful. 2019, is a number 3, which will bring us more positivity and more power, along with strength and bravery to speak out freely our ideas with authenticity. It will bring lots of challenges, but Hey! Let’s look on the challenges as our path to achieve our goals and fight for our greatness. 2018 as hard as it was, didn’t manage to defeat us, it only made us stronger.

Always look on the brighter side of our story of life and don’t forget to write more delightful memories as you learn and evolve through these life lessons, because that is the only thing that you can carry to the “other side of the veil”.

As our teacher Maitreya said: “When you do not question, but trust that the Universe will lead you to where you have to go and inform you what you have to do, then that is true Faith.”

Have faith, dear Ones and with that in mind, I wish you a prosperous and abundant New 2019.