India Experiences

//India Experiences

Up to August 22nd, 2014, when we came back from India, we had lived there for about 14 months. Looking back on the journey of living in India, I can only be grateful for what I have learned, experienced and gained on the journey of soul growth.

I never had a desire to live in India before, in spite of the fact that many people praised this country for how beautiful and spiritual it was. I did not understand why until I lived there, and I finally realized that I did not want to live there because of painful past life soul memories relating to India. My Self really did not want to deal with it and to let it go.

As I wrote in my previous newsletter, in my astrological relocation chart in India I have Scorpio ascendant and both Saturn and Venus in Scorpio in the 12th house. This astrological configuration indicated that the energy of India was going to bring the energy of my deep subconscious to the surface, and I would have to face my karma and look at my actions from the past in India’s energy.

Scorpio energy can be deep, dark, intensive, and destructive, if one does not understand its intensive power and allows it to control their emotions. However, it can also be very transformative if one has the courage to allow themselves to go through the intensive process. It is just like the phoenix burning itself into ashes, but with the morning sun, a new, young phoenix rises from the ashes and spreads its glorious wings to live another lifetime. This process of transformation and renewal will not only enable us to completely let go of the energy we have out grown in our deep psyche, but it allows us to rise above and go beyond on a vibrational and conscious level to a state that we have never been able to attain before. This is called the evolution of the soul.

What I have stated above is what I have truly experienced in India. In fact, no matter whether my Self liked it or not, living in India has inevitably changed me and transformed me to a soul that I never imagined or dared to be for the better.

Through living with Margaret, Alan and Ratna in a luxury apartment (based on India living standards), and having all we needed for daily life; we were in actuality living an imprisoned existence because we did not know anyone and did not fit in. Those who knew us before did not keep in touch with us. We did not have our own transportation and whenever we needed to go out, we had to hire a driver and car to take us to go where we needed to go. Most of time we had to rely on Ratna for communication, as we did not speak any of the Indian dialects. Occasionally we went to the garden in our apartment complex when the weather was not too hot, but it was limited due to the hot weather.

Basically, every day we stayed in the apartment doing nothing spiritual (in a traditional sense), but facing each other, and living a mundane life to meet our daily needs. We did not have any work; therefore we did not have an income. The Universe seemed to have closed the door for whatever we intended to do. Although we knew that we could help India change through education and energy, nobody seemed to want to know about it; people ran away from us either through fear or ignorance. At times, we all felt discouraged, stuck and trapped one way or another.

However, in such an environment and situation, I had to see the mirror others reflected to me. What I did not like about them was exactly what I needed to find out and to deal with from within myself. I had to look within at this dark, scary and ugly part of me. Before India, I did not know this aspect of me even existed. The Universe created this situation and then forced me to face my deep fear and other emotions buried in my subconscious. I had to take full responsibility for my karma, to forgive and to let go. I had to fight my SELF for its control and manipulation. It is in India where I was able to learn more about spiritual development, past lives, past life energy, karma and lessons. India enabled me to see through the illusion of spirituality, and to learn about metaphysics – the way of life. It allowed me to be aware of how conditioned and programmed I had been and prompted me to make change. It is in India that I learned about letting go of control, detachment, having faith and trust in Spirit, and working with others cooperatively.

It was not an easy 14 months living India, but it was the best time and opportunity for my soul growth. As I embraced the learning process along the 14 months journey, I have nothing to complain about, and have deep gratitude to Maitreya for his wisdom and guidance. I thank those in the world of Spirit for their help and patience, and Margaret for providing the energy and clearing so that I could finally work through some deep and dark energy. I am grateful to Alan and Ratna for their friendship and being there to assist me to learn whatever I needed to learn.

Now we have been back in US for more than a month. Although the environment has changed, and we are in a much better and totally different energy, the lessons and karma for me are still unfolding. India has taught me that I have nothing to be afraid of, and I embrace whatever learning experiences life presents. After all, it is all about soul growth through whatever life experiences we have chosen to learn from.

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