Learning with the Neighbours

//Learning with the Neighbours

My article is about my neighbours again, it has been such a useful releasing/learning experience and there is always more to learn! Well last time I wrote about releasing the trapped past life energy I had with my neighbours. And even though I felt I had released the past life energy and I no longer owed my neighbours any karma, I was still getting bothered by noise I heard from next door (we live in a semi-detached house and my bedroom is next to the adjoining wall). The main thing that was bothering me was that I could hear a constant buzz of what I assume is their TV when I was going to sleep. And what really bothered me was that any time I woke up, I could still hear this noise, I could not get any peace and quiet.

I was telling everyone I could about this, though I was starting to run out of people to offload onto. I told my mum there was something wrong with the neighbours and that they must be insomniacs because they had their TV on all night. I was judging, criticising and blaming, my self was having a field day. To my self what the neighbours were doing was just not right.

My self came up with an action plan. (As I am writing this, it seems a bit comical and I am almost laughing but at the time I was deadly serious). So my plan of action was that I would play my iPad all night, not just on a quiet volume, but on the loudest volume possible (which I thank my lucky stars isn’t too loud on an iPad!). My self licked its lips. Now I would be able to teach the neighbours a lesson and they would suffer as much as I was suffering. My self was quite happy to be ‘winning’. Unfortunately it didn’t quite realise that listening to loud music all night would start to really get to me and I could hardly take it anymore. Add to that the stream of negative thoughts and judgments going through my mind. But at least I was ‘winning’!

It all came to a crunch a few days ago. I completely lost it. I think my self had decided to become the noise police and kept waking me up throughout the night to check for noise. I was getting increasingly annoyed and frustrated. Then at 6 in the morning I flipped. I shouted at the neighbours through the wall and even thumped on it. (I am sure you are cringing on my behalf right now.). Eventually I went and sat downstairs, shaking with fury.

I went to work the next day, feeling terrible. At lunch time I visited my friend who owns a boutique and told her what had happened. She told me I needed to speak to my neighbours. She had a go at me and told me she didn’t want to hear about my neighbours anymore if I wasn’t going to do anything about it. I really didn’t want to talk to the neighbours (in fact I had told myself this issue had been going on so long it was too late to go and talk to them) but I didn’t realise I was actually very fearful of communicating with them. My friend however was persistent and I realised it was up to me to do something about it. I also recalled at least 3 other people who had told me to speak to the neighbours, maybe Spirit was trying to tell me something!

So I got home and thought to myself I needed to talk to the neighbours, though I wasn’t sure if I would do it. Actually I was petrified. I kept thinking the neighbours probably think I am a looney (mentally ill) after what had happened that morning, but actually as Jean told me later, I was just afraid of being ridiculed. I kept checking with my mum, I should talk to them shouldn’t I? I put my coat on and walked to the front door, then walked back. Then I spent about 10 minutes standing near the front door and walking back and forth. I emailed Jean and she said she would pray for me so I felt supported. Finally I went out the front door and walked round to the neighbours, and……

They weren’t in! So I walked back to the house but as I got back home I saw their car arrive (it was the father and the two kids from next door). I spent another 5 minutes deliberating and then finally went round and they were still in their driveway. I was shitting myself! I can’t remember exactly what I said but I think I asked if he could hear my music and how I felt bad about it. To my utter surprise, and you will not believe this, he said they didn’t hear anything!!!!!! He even mentioned we probably heard them shouting at their kids and I said we didn’t. I was so relieved. Then I mentioned causally how I heard something at night and he pointed to where his bedroom was, saying it must be the washing machine. I said if they had a problem with my music to let me know. Another strange thing happened, his youngest son came out of the door and he asked if I was his mummy.! Maybe he remembered me from our past life.

I went home and almost cried. I had been putting myself through all this torture and the neighbours hadn’t been aware of any of it. I had basically been having a battle with myself. What a waste of energy. So now I have stopped spending so much time thinking about the neighbours and trying to get at them (which I was doing a lot). I have freed up a lot of energy. This was a really big thing for me to learn. I can’t believe I had created all this stuff in my head!

Now if I hear the buzz at night I will just play quiet music. But surprisingly tonight I can’t hear it. Maybe it’s because I have stopped feeding so much energy into the situation. The thing I am really happy about is I am not thinking negative thoughts about the neighbours all the time anymore, so I feel better in myself generally. Now I want to work on getting myself back to a positive frame of mind. I visited my friend again today and she said peace is the most important thing and she is right! That will be my aim from now on!

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