Lessons and Learning from being Retrograde!

Late in August, Valerie Shinn posted this on her Astrology Face Book page Astrology 4 U, “The planet Mars starts moving forward again. Our get up and go to get things accomplished increases and will become more outward focused, more public and more social.”

My response was immediate. “Thank goodness, because my get-up-and-go got up and went somewhere for the summer!”

It isn’t that I haven’t been busy. There is a lot going on around me. I’ve had many family matters to take care of and my Mom’s yard to upkeep. I walked many times a week, frequently by the water. Many, many ideas and thoughts popped up and lay everywhere on post-it notes, phone notes, in notebooks. It all has been so scattered. Many starts, few completions. I have been driven to read, read, read about everything and anything, from novels (my favorite being “The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules” by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg) to the yucky political news and stories of earthly demise (no favorites here, but worked through deep feelings of sadness and helplessness).

I sensed that all of this was somehow necessary for my physical being and spiritual development and I was well aware of the astrological influences. Yet I frequently berated myself for being lazy, unmotivated, stuck, negative and so on and so on. It seemed that I just could not accomplish anything.

Valerie’s post reminded me that there is indeed a change in energy. In Astrology, retrograde times are ‘RE’ times: REview, REassess, REvamp, REdiscover, REdefine, REcreate, REenergize, REstore and REst. Several planets have been retrograde at the same time over the last few months. There also were three eclipses in July and August. Eclipses are times to question, “What needs to be eclipsed from my life to leave room for the new to enter?” It has not been a summer of laziness and loss. I was retrograde! It has been a summer of releasing, restoring and preparing for the new. Change!

With this in mind, I started to look through the scattered bits of writing and thoughts that were everywhere and began to organize, compile, rewrite. I am humbled and amazed. It has not all been for naught! My Guides and Spirits have indeed been busy. I have been open and messages have been flowing. My writing is full of downloads, pertinent messages, beautiful images, inspiration and more. I am indeed restored, open and ready for change.

Here is one of the messages that flowed through.

It seems that there is no ‘soap opera’ on television or novel that can beat the stories of true life. The emotional side of our being has story after story and, as Margaret used to say, you can’t make this stuff up.

What lies in the imagination happened, can happen, might happen. Choose carefully what you wish to bring into your reality, or what you allow into your reality, or what value it takes in your reality. Much is set up to occur, before you enter this lifetime, for learning and experiencing. How you learn and experience is your choice. It can’t all be sugar and spice and everything nice. There must be sadness and experiences of anger and hatred. Moving forward from these is what matters.

Forgiveness. Acceptance. Realizations.

And always in the midst of it, inner peace.

Linda Zeppa