Maitreya’s recent Wisdom card, Letting Go, is a great reminder for all of us. There are many times in life when the severity of our emotions can feel so strong that we do not know what to do, how to act, or even how to process them.

During my last trip to India, there was a time when we were all eating dinner, and I could feel a well of emotions coming up inside of me. I had just ordered my food, but I knew that the tears were going to flow. Instead of pushing back the tears inside of me, I pulled back from the table and left the restaurant. My Higher Self knew that I needed to let those emotions come out in that moment, no matter how silly, awkward or strange it felt.

Thankfully, everyone around me understood the need to release the energy, so they asked the restaurant to send the dinner up to my room, so that I could continue to allow my emotions to release.  The interesting thing is that once I began to release the emotions, I then also was aware of how my Self was trying to make me feel guilty for leaving dinner. My Higher Self had known that I needed to leave, yet my Self was trying to tell me that is was improper and rude.  My Self was really trying to give it to me for crying in the way I was.

Later that night, Maitreya had called for a meeting of the Team in India.  “Ut oh,” my Self told me, “I am in trouble for embarrassing everyone at dinner!” However, that was not the case at all. Maitreya spoke about the importance of letting the emotions go the moment when you feel them, and that I had done the right thing that day by letting go. I was relieved to hear that, and I also will never forget his words that day.

From now on, I do my very best to honor my emotions. It is important to not stuff them down, but to let them release instead. Many people worry about if they are being too emotional, or if their emotions are getting the better of them.  This is the Self talking, because it wants you to hold onto your sadness, anger, vengeance, hatred, fear, etc.  There are many healthy and easy ways to let the emotions go, but it all starts with accepting that it is perfectly okay to cry, to release anger, and to let this emotional energy out.  As long as the release is done in a healthy way that does not hurt others, then it is done for the highest good.

Let go, release, and bring up those past life emotions, so that the Self can no longer use them against you. Find a qualified reader, or trusted friend to help you with this process. Let go and you will get closer to true peace in your life.