We experienced another mass shooting here in the U.S.A. this month and it makes you ask the question of why? Why would someone do this? If everything is perfect in the Universe, then why was this allowed to happen? If you happen to be someone who just lost a friend, family member, or acquaintance, your heart has to be empty at this moment as you ask why?

I’ve not had to endure the emotions of losing a child, but I did experience the death of a young boy when I was about 10 years old. It definitely was a heartbreaking and traumatic experience for me as I witnessed the helpless mother as she caressed the lifeless body of the boy, who was not much older than me lying on the beach, and I heard the uncontrollable shrieks of grief pouring out of her. As I think back on it, it didn’t make much sense then, but the situation definitely had an affect on how I acted around water, especially in the wintertime. Fortunately with the perspective on how life works that I gained from Maitreya, I can at least grasp some understanding as to the many learning opportunities life presents to us even when it doesn’t make a lot of sense in that particular moment of time.

I was reminded of this in a conversation with my son a few days. He was working in the neurological unit at the hospital where he is doing his residency. I was asking him how things were going and he says “I’m on one of the Neuro units which is depressing, lots of brain trauma from child abuse etc; which is tough. Also rough to know the outlook for most of these kids is pretty poor.” My response was “Yea, you are getting to see the tough side of life front and center. You will need to draw on your Buddha side and try as difficult as it may be to be the observer and know you are making a difference even when it doesn’t seem like you are.” That exchange makes you definitely question how life doesn’t appear to make a lot of sense. It again makes you ask the question of why?

I remember a vivid experience with Maitreya that casts an illuminating, but depressing light on the human condition. For me, it answered the “why”, but from an emotional perspective the answer to the “why” really pulls at your heartstrings and is hard to accept. Margaret and I had visited a store and the energy in the store was so heavy and negative that we left the store without even purchasing what we had come to buy. As we were driving back home I started to become very angry inside as the energy that I absorbed was coming to surface. I was expressing, or you could say dumping the energy on Margaret that I was feeling; anger, frustration, hopelessness, and despair to name just a few. It just didn’t seem very “Spiritual” or fair to me from the emotional state that I was in as I processed the energy within me. I remember I was saying that if these souls had a choice to come back and experience a life that seemed to me, to have little, if no chance of much upside, why would they do it. I told Margaret I could visualize being on a big slide in a playground and you are at the top of the slide looking down and then you get scared about letting go and making the long slide down, but a friend who is behind you puts his foot in your back and gives you a shove into the abyss. I was telling Margaret that the top of the slide represented “Heaven” as we know it and the bottom of the slide was the “Earth” plane which we would have to be crazy, to willing want to slide back down here and experience what looked to be a very, very tough existence. At this point, Margaret exits stage right and Maitreya pops in. He says that I am just processing the energy from the store and that we in fact were helping people in the store to clear some energy that would be helpful to them whether I could see that or not. I was still pretty angry, so I challenged him with the total hopelessness that I felt. He said that is part of the learning that soul has chosen to experience and learn from in this incarnation. I was still quite emotional and asked a very provocative question. Are you telling me that if a child comes to the Earth plane to experience molestation, that if the person who has agreed to play the part of the molester elects to not follow through, that another will step forward. He says yes, because that is what the soul has chosen whether you can see through the emotions of the self or not. Ironically, at this time a lot of pedophile stuff relating to the church was going on, and he basically said most of those experiencing molestation were the priests from prior incarnations that did the molesting.

So, things don’t always make sense and even with the knowledge of how the Earth plane works from Maitreya I still ask why and try to pull in all the empathy that I have to learn from the situation on a personal level. Relating to the latest shooting, I sincerely believe these individual souls played a meaningful role in moving humanity forward even if we can’t always see it. Just like those from 9/11, WWII concentration camps along with the many other human tragedies, the Universe keeps moving us forward whether we can see it or not. Change is definitely hard and doesn’t always fit into our understanding, so try and stay positive and keep the faith, the times we now live in demand it!

Have a good month