The Natal Chart Revealed

//The Natal Chart Revealed

Before our Delhi event, I had the chance to do personal astrological natal charts and reports for many individuals. The most frequently asked question from them was: ” What can I do to become more spiritual? How can I raise my vibration?” I answered them by saying, “Let’s find out in your natal chart.”

As I was doing the computer generated natal chart for each of them, I noticed that the majority of Indians have the most planets in their 3rd house (siblings, communication), 4th house (home and family, especially parents), 5th house (children), and 7th house (primary partnership such as marriage, business and business associates). This astrological configuration indicates that many of them have chosen to be born in India to work out their karma, past life energy and lessons around home and family as part of their spiritual journey and soul growth.

Like other Asian countries, India cultural tradition emphasizes family values and putting family first in anything they do. There is nothing wrong to honor and respect family values, but when it becomes conditioned, it creates disharmony and unhappiness. So many people have lost their own truth or individual identity because of putting family values and family truth first, and obeying their parents’ or family’s truth instead of their own. Parents also strongly attach themselves to their children, as if their children are their belongings, and live their own unfulfilled dreams through their children. So many people have become conditioned not to express their own truth, or voice their own feelings or opinions. For they are afraid of disappointing their parents if they say “no” to them. There are deep repressed emotions; such as fear, not feeling good enough, not being able to live up to their parents’ expectations, anger, depression, jealous, hurt, deep sadness, etc. These emotions were created during each individual’s childhood, and/or their past lives. Because of this, India is a good place for souls to learn lessons around home, family and children, to clear the deep past life or childhood emotional energy and to break the karmic ties.

Being spiritual and raising your vibration has nothing to do with sitting in an ashram, doing meditation, or becoming vegetarian. It has to do with being truthful to oneself by letting go of fear, doubt, pain, hurt, jealousy, anger, frustration, and all of the negative emotions. Everyday life is spiritual, for life is a school that enables each of us to work out our karma, past life energy and learn our chosen life lessons. Through our relationships with others, and the circumstances in our lives, all we have chosen to work on in this incarnation is brought into play in the game of life. If we can live our Earthly physical life through metaphysical perspectives, we will live our life spiritually, and grow from it. The key lies in our astrological natal chart, for it is our life plan and road-map of our soul journey of life in this incarnation.

What is your life plan? What is your life purpose? You can find out by looking at your personal astrology chart. When you do so, your life becomes more meaningful and purposeful.

by Jean Luo

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