Jean and I have a favorite walk that we do. It’s a leisurely 3-mile stroll through a park in Renton WA called Coulon Beach Park. It has paved walkways and meanders alongside the waters of beautiful lake Washington that lies to the East of Seattle. Our chosen path takes us to a pedestrian gate beside the Boeing 737 factory. We get to view the fully assembled planes prior to final painting and sometimes even are treated to the picturesque view of a freshly painted plane ready for delivery with the specific company or country’s colors and insignia shining in the sunlight. Ironically, we flew on one of them with China Eastern when we visited Jean’s hometown last year. It’s interesting how connected we are if we just look around us and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Who would have ever thought Jean would be standing next to the production facility in the USA of the plane that took her back to her hometown in China from 50 years ago.

I mention the planes because last week there was a mishap that happened on one of these planes. One of the engines failed, which in itself isn’t catastrophic, but unfortunately for one lady on-board, a flying-piece of the engine-blade broke the window next to her seat and she lost her life. She left behind 2-small children and a husband.

As Jean and I were enjoying the sunshine and walked by the gate where a new plane was parked outside waiting for painting, I noticed that they had both engines uncovered and there were several people performing tests on the engines. It made me think about all the things that I had heard or read about since the incident and how they are connected to life itself. Maitreya would often say to me when a tragedy would happened, that if we on the Earth plane could just look at death as a transition, that we would be better able to comprehend and grasp the resulting events and their impacts, and also their gifts to our lives. He always urged me to try and see through the emotions and see the bigger picture and the pieces of the puzzle that resulted from the experience.

With that in mind I found it quite interesting as I pondered all the things I had heard arising from the plane incident. First and foremost was the impact on the husband and the 2-children, their lives definitely changed significantly on that day. We know from Maitreya’s teachings that this would have been part of their soul contract and an important aspect of the learning that they have chosen in this lifetime. This is a tough explanation to accept in times of grief, but what other explanation is there?

The 2nd thing I heard was the heroics of the pilot, who happened to be a courageous woman, and how she had calmly navigated the plane through the ordeal and safely landed the plane with no other fatalities. All of a sudden her life and career have been exposed and I am sure will impact a lot of people, including herself. She was one of the first female fighter pilots in the US Navy. I wonder how many young girls and boys will be inspired from her story?

The 3rd thing that I heard on the day of our walk was that Southwest Airlines, the airline carrier was going to give each of the passengers of this fateful flight $5,000. At first, I questioned the gesture, but then a little voice in my head said, “How many of those people were on that flight just to enjoy this little piece of the puzzle in their lives from the Universe?” It was another ah-ha moment as I reflected on a personal experience where I took a flight to visit my sister prior to going to India. I didn’t really have the money for the flight, but I felt strongly that I needed to go and off I went thanks to my credit card. Ironically my puzzle piece fell into place just before I was due to leave, my lovely and gracious sister surprised me by taking out her checkbook and writing me a check to cover the cost of my ticket to see her.

The Universe knows what it’s doing, it just hard to see the pieces of the puzzle at times; keep the faith, the answer may be in Plane site!

Have a great month.