It is interesting to me the idea that all that we do, and all that happens to us is some random event. I am reminded of an event that happened to me when I was about 10 years old. On a Tuesday evening, kids could use the coupon from the milk container to get into my town’s local baseball game. In those days, it didn’t even require one of our parents to accompany us. So every Tuesday night during the summer, I, and 3 or 4 of my buddies would head for the baseball park. The ticket was in the cheap seats, but that didn’t matter, as we would just roam around the stands. Occasionally we would get lucky and get an autograph, or if our luck was really running, we might be in the right spot, at the right time, and run down a foul ball that was hit into the stands. The prize was that you were able to keep the ball as a souvenir. Being that we were 10-year-old kids, with an attention span of not much, being in the right place, at the right time, would definitely be called random.

On this particular night, we all piled into a car of one of our parents, and off we went to be dropped off at the ballpark. The games didn’t start till 7:30pm, so the sunshine was just starting to wane, and the lights over the field were on; our random adventure was about to begin. I presented my milk box coupon at the gate; stuffed the admission ticket into my pocket with my spending money for a popcorn and soda; and off we ran.

About a third of the way through the game, a ball happened to be hit where we were standing, and I was the lucky one to get to the ball first. I not only bested my friends, but also all of the other kids who were replicating my experience. Oh, what a prize I had. About half way through the game, I decided to go get my popcorn and soda. As I was hurrying back through the concession area behind the stands with my soda and popcorn in my hands, and my prized souvenir stuffed in my pocket; a foul ball just about hits me as it bounces off the pavement beside me. It caroms off the fence and miraculously comes to rest about 10 feet away. I spilled some soda on my trousers and lost half my popcorn, but another ball was now safely stuffed into my pocket. Boy, this is my lucky day. All my buddies are surprised when I return and pull out another ball for their inspection.

You will have a hard time believing the rest of the story. About 20 minutes later, who do you think gets another foul ball? So now, I can’t even sit down because my pockets are full of baseballs. So, you might say, it has been an incredible night for Alan, but it hasn’t ended yet. In the last inning of the game, over the loudspeaker, they are asking the person with a certain ticket number to come forward to get their free prize from the drawing. One of my buddies has the bright idea that we should look at our tickets. I slowly pull out the mangled winning ticket that was stuffed in my pocket underneath one of my prized souvenirs. The prize I received to top off this incredibly random night; a brand new baseball glove. I guess the universe knew I needed something to carry the balls in. LOL

I ask, how many of you have had similar experiences? Was it really a random act of being lucky as we sometimes imagine, or just an opportunity presented to us to do something with the results of the moment? I remember a year later, when my buddy Gary needed a baseball glove for the start of the little league season, I pulled out that brand-new glove I had won, and gave it to him. The balls also came in handy as we didn’t have that much money, so rather than treasure them; my buddies and I used them.

The irony of that year was that I didn’t get to play little league baseball with all my buddies as they changed the minimum age, and I missed the cutoff by 18 days. A lot of tears were shed, but since I’m writing this article, I guess I’m proof that as devastating as the experience was for the 10 year old Alan, I survived; we always do.

Now fast-forward 15 years, to my time in the Navy, when I was to meet an interesting gentlemen named Larry, who introduced me to, and educated me on the Ascended Masters, and their role in guiding the evolution of the Earth plane. Was this a random meeting or just another lucky event in my life? Since I really didn’t do anything with this newfound knowledge at the time, I guess I listed it as random and inconsequential.

As I sit here thinking back on that Navy encounter, I am reminded of a line in the Jason Bourne movie, where the young analyst Nicki tells the tense room, “These guys don’t do random”. As I’ve come to find out, the Universe doesn’t do random. The Universe brought that random Navy encounter full circle 10 years ago. The seed of knowledge that had been randomly planted 34 years earlier about the Masters that I had deemed inconsequential at the time; not only bloomed, but also blossomed beyond my wildest dreams as I met Maitreya. A new adventure had begun.

The stories, encounters and experiences could go on for pages and pages, but as I sit here at this moment in India, pondering, why I am here? I know the Universe doesn’t do random!

by Alan McElroy

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