It saddens me to watch humanity treating each other with no respect; whether it is in politics, in the media, in society or human relationships, culture, religion or different belief systems. So much fear, anger and hatred are being brought to the surface nationwide through the US presidential campaign and election. Issues around racialism, nationalism, and more are creating separation and dissension, instead of unification and ascension. Wherever I go, I feel the energy of tension, frustration and anger in the air and in the environment. It physically makes me feel sick with headaches, depression and exhaustion.

Yet, respect is one of the foremost necessities for peace and harmony, and for unification and ascension if we humans do not want to go down the road of self-destruction. What does it matter if our neighbor is Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, or New Age? What does it matter if we have different beliefs? Just because we choose to believe something different does not mean that we cannot get along with each other. What does it matter if we have a different skin color or are from a different race and cultural background? What does it matter if we have gender differences or different sexual preferences?

Peace and harmony requires us to have respect for each other. One can have different truths and different ways of life, but one does not need to be consumed by their own righteousness and superiority through devaluing and disrespecting others. One does not need to convince anyone to believe what one believes or force one’s truth upon anyone in order to maintain power and control. One does not need to blame others for one’s own problems or issues. The truth is: when someone does not respect another or others, it is because of their own internal fears and insecurities, their lack of confidence and their ego. The more one tries to maintain their own status of superiority by disrespecting another or others, the more one will be fail and fall. The more one tries to force others to believe in one’s truth; the least likely the others will accept it. So, why not simply allow others to have their own truth and way of life. Why not accept them as who they are and what they choose to be by giving them respect and acknowledgement?!

Regardless of our race, skin color, culture, religion, belief, way of life, tradition, nation or gender; no one is better than another, no one is higher than another; no one is more superior than another, and no one should have power and control over another. We are all souls on the journey of soul evolution on the earth plane and we are all equal; yet unique in our own way. Whenever one does not respect another, one creates karma; whenever one judges another, one creates karma; whenever one tries to maintain power and control, one creates karma. Therefore, in order to live in harmony and peace, to unify and to ascend, whether it is a relationship, a family, a nation, a society or a world, we must have respect for each other, for respect is an act of love and compassion, and respect comes from an open heart.