The Crown Chakra

//The Crown Chakra

This chakra is at the crown of the head and is our connection to the divine. It is through this chakra that cosmic energy enters our bodies and flows down the central meridian to the heart chakra, to merge with energy from earth, which has risen up to our hearts via the base chakra.  In times gone by, it only opened if a person had completely renounced the material world, but now that the vibration of planet earth and those who live here has been raised, the opening of this chakra often occurs at a time in our lives when we are facing major changes, or some form of crisis. It is coloured violet or white, and is sometimes referred to as a thousand-petalled lotus.

The gland associated with the crown chakra is the pineal gland. The organs it governs are the right eye, the central nervous system, the upper brain and the cerebral cortex. It is also has to do with the synchronisation between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Physical ailments related to blockages in this chakra include genetic disorders, paralysis, and multiple sclerosis.

When the crown chakra is healthy and open, one is able to achieve miracles in one’s life, is able to mentally rise above what is going on in the material world, and is at peace with oneself.

When it is blocked, a person is constantly exhausted, cannot make decisions, and has no sense of belonging.

Crystals for this chakra are quartz and amethyst.

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