The Emotional Body

//The Emotional Body

One of the tasks that we have to complete while living on the earth plane is to attain mastery over our emotional bodies. It is so easy to get carried away with extremes of emotion – sometimes we can be feeling really great, almost on a high, and then at other times, we can feel really low, which is not at all pleasant. Sometimes it can feel as if our emotions are controlling us, and they are, to a certain extent.

According to the laws of the universe, everything has its opposite – day and night, light and dark, winter and summer, for instance. So, if we are feeling extremely “high “emotionally, then it must follow that we will also experience a “low” corresponding exactly to the degree that we felt high, but in the opposite direction. We all really enjoy these periods of “high” emotions, and ride on the crest of the wave they create. It is very easy to become attached to these good feelings, but often we come down with a crash when we experience their opposite.

How much better it is then, to endeavour to control our emotional bodies to a certain extent, so that we do not swing into these extremes of emotion, but rather to find a mid-way point between the two extremes, where our emotions are in balance, and while we can still experience our emotions, they do not swing widely out of balance. Another law of the universe applies here, and that is the law of Trinity. For whenever we find a midway point between two extremes, everything comes into perfect harmony, and a third entity is created, a whole greater than the sum of the two parts. This is where one can access the still point of creation, where the soul resides.

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