The Eyes of Margaret

//The Eyes of Margaret

I had an interesting experience last week that I feel the urge to share. It was one of those mornings for me; you know, the mornings when you can’t sleep but you’re too lethargic to get up and do anything. I couldn’t even get out of bed to meditate. I grabbed my phone and put my favorite meditation music on, as I often do. My mind quieted, I rested and drifted off. I’m not sure where I went, and perhaps I fell asleep. Margaret used to say that when a person seems to fall asleep during meditation it is to allow Spirit to work on him/her. I came back from my “rest” about an hour later to a change in the music. My meditation music had ended and the music jumped to a song in my playlist that I have not listened to for a very long time. This has never happened before. And the song that it changed to was…THE EYES OF MARGARET by the Rankin Family! I felt the twinkle in Margaret’s eyes and only a few select words stood out from the song. “A change in the tide…someone is singing her song.” When the song finished, the music stopped.

An AHA moment! I actually got the giggles, as I felt that I was being given a little shove to keep on going no matter what from you know who.

This year has been a difficult one. I cannot think of anyone who has not been through a massive disaster, transition/change this year and many of these have occurred in sudden, tragic, sad or fearful ways. I have been bogged down in the energy of those ways, often disheartened and the flow of my own writing slowed down. It has come in little bits and pieces and I have not felt the drive to finish and communicate.

So I really needed this little shove. Hearing and feeling the Eyes of Margaret gave me realizations. The emotion and fear generated by the changes that have occurred and are occurring can be debilitating. Yes, it is OK to feel that, but we cannot let it control for a long time. Use the energy to make the best of the present. Change and transition is transformation, allowing us to be who we truly need to be. It all has a purpose.

For those of us who have worked so closely with Margaret and, of course, Maitreya, it is important to keep on, to follow our intuition and trust in Spirit, especially in our own Spirit. The wisdom and stories we were used to reading/hearing from Margaret in this physical world have transformed. A change in the tide. Take it from me…we are still under the watchful Eyes of Margaret. If you are interested in hearing the song “The Eyes of Margaret” here is the link: The song was written by the Rankin Family in honor of an elder relative.

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