The Role of Corona Virus in Our Life
by Jean Luo

Whoever foresaw that a small Virus which we named ‘Covid-19’ would rock the whole human world with such an overwhelming force?! Who could have imagined that a small Virus would reshape our human world on the Earth Plane forever?! Unfortunately, no one could foresee the magnitude of its impact, but here we are. In order to save lives and to survive, the borders of countries are closed, and people are ordered to stay home in social isolation. Dysfunction, fraud, and some deep social issues of society, government and the authority, etc. are being exposed and laid bare for all to see. Businesses, such as restaurants, the travel industry, small and large companies, etc. are going out of business. Millions of people have lost their income and the economy is heading towards recession. Those who have contracted the virus are fighting for life, and those who have lost loved ones are experiencing loss and grief. The whole of Mankind is fighting for survival and an environment to live safely and securely on the Earth Plane. Every aspect of our daily lives that we were used to living is being impacted. It seems we are being forced to change how our current human world functions. Our individual and collective life structures, functions, operations and direction are suddenly being shaken and broken down. The whole human world is being affected as if no stone is being left untouched or unturned! The irony is that we are all in it and we are all a part of it!

The situation we are in has inevitably brought so much deep, intense, and ancient human emotions to the surface – fear, anger, insecurity, hatred, etc. It has exposed some unresolved issues that human history has created and stirred up all sorts of beliefs and opinions. The whole human world is experiencing chaos, and feeling afraid, as if we are at the end of the world. Is it the end of the world?

No, it absolutely is not!  If not, then what is it?! The small coronavirus we have labeled Covid-19 is not here to destroy mankind, to the contrary, it is here to help us clear away the old and outworn energy. It will allow us to make the necessary changes to pave the way for a new energy to come in. It is the catalyst created by the Universe to initiate the chance to restructure, reshape and recreate a better society for all of us to live. The old energy, old structure and old way of life must go so that the new energy, new structure and new way of life can emerge for us to recreate!

The dark side is the collective Self part of mankind, it is the total summation of fear, anger, hatred, insecurity, doubt, victimhood, control, dominance, manipulation, and all sorts of ‘negative’ thoughts and emotions. It has existed from the very beginning when humans evolved on the Earth Plane. It developed from the survival instinct of the animal kingdom, and it has become a formidable energy force that drives mankind to control, dominate and manipulate each other for survival. The small coronavirus is here to help mankind to fight the Self by slowing down our busy life. It is forcing us to stop looking outward and to start turning inward so that we can look at ourselves and our own life honestly and truthfully. It forces us to confront our own fear and insecurity, and the parts of ourselves that are no longer compatible with our soul evolution. Only when we are put in such isolated and restricted situations, can we listen to our soul through the deep inner voice and ask the very questions, “What is the true purpose of our existence on the Earth Plane? Is it only to survive, or is there a higher purpose? How can we live our life not just for the sake of survival, but for the sole/(soul) purpose of creating happiness and abundance without fighting each other for control and dominance?” Only when we ask these questions, can we awake from the deep illusion created by our Self and to align ourselves with the higher self of our soul.

Thus, we should not be discouraged by social distancing; we should not be devastated by the falling economy; we should not waste our energy towards what we have perceived as injustice, corruption and conspiracy, etc.; we should not drag ourselves into the deep rabbit hole of blaming, complaining, moaning and groaning. Instead, we should utilize this rare opportunity to connect with our soul and soul purpose. Find out why we are here? What we are here for? Connect with our life plan of this incarnation – our karma, past life issues, past life energy, and our chosen life lessons. By doing so, we can see through the illusion of our current situation and of life in general; we can go beyond the illusion of everything on the earth plane; and we can focus on change itself and what future we want to create and to live. Focus on what you really hope for positively, not anything negative that is discouraging you and dragging you away from your true purpose and soul essence. I know for sure that you have a purpose to be here, you have a role to play in building a beautiful human world on the earth plane, and you and your life are very special and are worth living!

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