The Self and the Earth Plane

//The Self and the Earth Plane

Unfortunately, most people don’t comprehend the power of the self-aspect of humanity, they only get to live through the consequences of its’ influence as it subtly sabotages your life journey towards your life purpose and destiny. So how did it all begin and what would be some things to look out for as you search. Here is the story Maitreya told me on my very first course of study with him. It was interesting, because he started the story with, you may not believe what I am going to tell you, which is fine, but this is how it all began. So here’s my retelling of this incredible story from my perspective.

We did not originate here on the Earth Plane, but once we merged our energy with that of the Earth plane, we became part of the evolution of this plane’s transformation. This plane seemed like the ideal environment to continue our existence as the plane we existed on became uninhabitable as its’ two Suns slowly burnout. I can’t help but think the Earth plane will probably reach that same fate at some point in the future if it doesn’t pollute itself into an unlivable environment first, or we blow ourselves up; but I’ll leave that to another newsletter.

Through all the planning and evaluation of the suitability of this plane for the survival of our species, one key attribute of this plane was completely overlooked in the analysis of the merging of our energy with the early human race. This critical aspect, that escaped scrutiny, was the survival instinct that the early human race brought with it from its evolution from the animal kingdom. This survival instinct was the core component to their makeup. This trait not only made a seamless transition in the evolution to early cave man, but it unfortunately became an unaccounted-for-attribute in the new strain of humanity that was created as we merged our higher energy to the lower energy of the infant human species.

We have now come to understand the survival instinct of humanity through the attributes of control and power as it is delivered through fear and dominance; welcome to our ego driven world. Do you need validation? Just look around you, it permeates every facet of our lives, from business to politics to religion to family and it has been with us throughout our recorded history. Those looking for a higher meaning in life or following in the footsteps of family tradition tend to wrap themselves up in the prophets and wise ones of the past by way of their holy books and traditions that have supposedly been written and handed down by from God on high, BUT, was it really? Were you there?

Let’s go back to the beginning. What energy dominated the Earth plane from the onset of its existence? What energy was over-looked by those who came later? What energy blocked the higher consciousness of the merged species? Welcome to the Self-aspect of the Earth plane. Make no mistake, there is nothing, I mean nada, that comes to this plane through the intuitive process from the higher realms that is not influenced by the Self-aspect of the entity that channels the information.

So, you may ask, how do you evade this perpetual trap that humanity has placed itself in? First of all, start with the recognition and understanding that all so called “Higher” knowledge on the Earth plane is inherently tainted by whoever is espousing the message in the physical. The “Wisdom” is going to be encumbered by their subconscious fears, doubts and insecurities that are trapped in their soul memory from “THEIR” past life experiences and then be further influenced by the traditions and conditioning that make up “THEIR” current experience on the Earth plane. Another point to ponder is what is your life purpose and what have you come to experience in this incarnation in comparison to the one who is espousing this knowledge from on high?

Do you really think you came to experience the same lessons as some of the well-known prophets like Jesus or Buddha? Are you wandering through the wilderness, sleeping under trees and talking to people that are, for the most part illiterate and just trying to survive from one meal to the next? I don’t know about you, but I’m living in the 21st century for gods-sake, sipping tea or coffee, spending endless hours on the Internet in the comfort of my own home or using the WIFI at the local coffee shop searching for the meaning of life. So why am I trying to fit my life and my learning into teachings and traditions that are 1000’s of years old and primarily fear based?

It seems to me that the self-aspect of humanity has cleverly seduced us with our traditions and conditioning to keep us trapped in the same old play we have been starring in for many incarnations. Love thy neighbor as thyself, do unto others as you would like them to do unto you, don’t covet your neighbors wife, etc., etc. All great attributes, but some of them may not apply to the life lessons that you have chosen to experience for your learning in this lifetime. The actors that are going to assist you to face your fears, doubts and insecurities all have past-life connections to you. It may be hard to love that neighbor next door when he swindled you in a past-life and the energy between the two of you is playing out. You may not have come to covet your neighbor’s wife; you may have come to take her from him as part of the life lessons he’s chosen. It would be pretty hard to carry out those two scenarios if you were trapped in most traditions that are handed down to us by our families and the cultures we are trapped in, oops I mean live in. I remember my mother counseling me as I left my marriage, “why can’t you just believe what we believe?” I guess I could, but it would stop me from what I strongly believed I needed to do for me and for my life.

So if you accept that all traditions, gurus, shamans, channels or swindlers on the street are influenced by their past and present circumstances, who should you gain counsel from? Now that’s a good question. Any guidance from any source needs to resonate with you. Now that could be a tough one, because most learning is going to push you out of your comfort zone and your lower self will not resonate with the information. It will probably invoke fear within you. Any guidance should not limit you or your free will. And it definitely should not be fear based. Your journey is about-facing your fears, not being influenced by fear of repercussions from actions that resonate with you. Are all your actions going to turn out as you planned, no, but that is part of the lesson and many times critical to your growth?

For me, astrology at least identified who I was. What and where were my attributes, what and where were my challenges. Past-Life work has enabled me to grasp the complexity of the energy that is in my soul memory and influences all my actions whether I fully understand it or not. Any knowledge I choose to incorporate into my journey, I always look at in relation to my Astrological and Past-Life energy. I do not allow culture or tradition to limit my journey because I know it has been influenced by leaders more concerned with controlling the group through fear and definitely not concerned with my journey into my higher self and my destiny.

This is not an easy journey, the original intent of the Earth-plane was not supposed to be encumbered by the self-aspect, but it is and the only way to conquer this aspect is head on. You are not living 1000’s of years ago when survival was dependent on the group and the group was easily controlled through fear, you are living in the 21st century and individual freedom and knowledge is available to empower you to fulfill your destiny and life purpose, don’t let structures of the past limit your journey.

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