Traditions, Rituals, Belief Systems and Societal Norms

//Traditions, Rituals, Belief Systems and Societal Norms

Have you thought about how we are all molded by the conditioning of our traditions, rituals, belief systems and the societal norms that we have been nurtured, and influenced by, most likely before we even ventured down the birth canal? I think our conditioning tends to lend credence to what we perceive as the positive aspects of these structures, but the hindrances to our soul development and personal journey that these systems present are often too scary for us to confront, and subsequently keeps us in ignorance and or denial of our true purpose on the Earth plane.

The rituals, traditions, belief systems and societal norms give us a feeling of support and stability, of being included in the group, a sense of safety and belonging. On the other hand, they tend to seduce us into a place where we try to convince ourselves that we’re happy, when in fact, we’ve come to the realization we are living someone else’s truth or prejudices. I say prejudices, because through these systems that originated to make us feel comfortable within our group, the process inherently provided the framework to subtly create restraints and restrictions on our actions and thoughts. It was the price of admission to gain entry into the group. It allowed the group, or more than likely, a small number within the group, to create the do’s and don’ts of the group, in the name of unity, cohesion, protection, collaboration, etc. It might have made perfect sense, and had the best of intentions at the time, but it also created an ability to ostracize those who stepped outside the group, or to hold power over those that wanted to step outside the group, but were held back by their fear of the group.

Does it make any sense that generations of society are still holding on to the rituals, traditions, beliefs and societal norms that were formed or created, 1000’s of years ago, when the environment and circumstances of life were vastly different? Are the structures and governing principles or beliefs even applicable to you at this point in time in the 21st century? Are your fears of stepping outside your particular group so strong that it nullifies letting go of the rituals, traditions, beliefs or the societal norms that no longer work for you? Remember, at the end of the day, by definition, individuality is sacrificed for the group.

With the Photon Energy (our term), the transformative energy of change that is impacting the Earth plane, the ability to hide behind all these structures and systems that no longer make any sense on so many levels are being exposed for what they are; mechanisms of control, inhibitors of individual truth. This energy of change is fueling the age of “Mastership”, the state of being when one takes control of their life, and begins their journey to becoming their own Master. It is a state of being, when one dances with what resonates with them, whether it fits into the structures they have embraced up to this point in their life or not.

You feel compelled to confront and act upon this new awareness. It means searching, probing, and sometimes wandering alone and isolated, into your own wilderness of self-doubt and confusion, as you try to assimilate, who you really are, and how you now fit into your existing life and environment. The battle within you to surmount these restrictive barriers that your conditioning has erected around you is formidable. Consciously you are trying to make sense of a world that is no longer working for you. The energy of change is addictive, as it is meant to be. This transformative energy that we’ve given the name, the Photon Energy, is stimulating change at this time. It is like change amped up on steroids. It is here to enable, some may say force, change onto the structures you’ve been governed by. Ultimately, it is here to compel you to take action relating to the lessons and karma you’ve chosen to address in this incarnation, regardless of the traditions, rituals, belief systems and the societal norms that have been ingrained into you.

I crossed my Rubicon about 10 years ago, as I awoke to my metaphysical journey. The world in which I was living didn’t make a lot of sense. The security and sanctity of marriage, family and my job basically evaporated overnight. The idea of trampling on the traditions and rituals around my marriage vows and beliefs were monumental. Breaking the societal norms relating to leaving a 14-year old son and a 16-year old daughter along with a job as I ventured after my spiritual quest was a colossal and distressful decision.

I struggled from my new perspective to explain to a 14-year old child that it was his job to make himself happy, not the job of his father. With my new found truths, I tried to encourage him to grasp at the positives of the change rather than allow himself to be consumed with the perceived negatives.

I remember my mother, who is now passed over, saying to me, “Can’t you just believe in what we believe in”? I kind of chuckled as I said, “but mom, what do you really believe in?” There was silence. Pictures in my mind of my parents dropping me off at the Lutheran church and coming back to get me an hour later came to mind. The minister sitting down with my parents in our living room to counsel my parents over my “wayward” sister (LOL), while everyone in the neighborhood knew his daughter was sneaking out her bedroom window to rendezvous with her boyfriend on a nightly basis. I just had to chuckle. Was this preacher from my childhood, really any different from those who supposedly wrote the books, 1000’s of years ago, to govern how we are suppose to be living our lives now?

Spiritual growth and development do not happen in the comfort zone, they only happen through the experiences of change. We have so many structures that are keeping us trapped in our own prison. Don’t let the fear of breaking away from the structures you have been brought up with, keep you a prisoner. You hold the keys.

My son is now 24 and starts medical school in 2 weeks. My daughter just took a big promotion, changed jobs, and moved out of the blue, from Los Angeles, California to Sydney, Australia. As I am learning much through this move to India in my 57th year, I am sure there will be much learning for my children also, as we’ve all been moved out of our comfort zones. What barriers will we need to surmount in our new environments? What learning will be gained?

Growth only happens through change, what changes are you going to embrace? I would bet there are a few barriers you may run into along the way? Good Luck!

P.S. Remember, the Photon energy is here to assist you, why not use it?

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by Alan McElroy

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