What Does 2019 Bring? How about Change?

There is an old saying that the only constant in life is change itself! As Maitreya would often say, learning only happens outside your comfort zone. So, with 2018 in our rearview mirror and 2019 coming at us like a freight train, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the new adventures the Universe will surely bring our way. How many things happened in 2018 that in no way resembled what you had in your New Years resolutions for 2018? One for me was that I planned to go back to China, little did I know I would end up in Louisiana! LOL

The Universe is always surprising us with new things and it comes down to whether we embrace the changes or fight what the Universe is bringing our way. Whatever our choices, actions or lack of actions, there will be lessons placed at our feet. It will still be up to our choice as to what we learn from the experience and often what our reward is. We often hold on for dear life to fight what the Universe is placing right in front of us. The Universe is only trying to bring us the very thing that we have chosen for our learning. Our Self will do anything it can to keep us in our comfort zone by holding on for dear life to the conditioning of our beliefs and traditions rather than embrace the new and step out of our cocoon of safety.

Do you think the little caterpillar knows that it is going to turn into a beautiful butterfly when it constructs its’ little sheath covering around itself? It just has a knowing that it is now time to stop crawling around the only world it knows. It has the faith, goes within and miraculously grows wings and flys away into a completely new world with a total new perspective. What is the Universe going to bring into your being in 2019 that will enable you to fly? You will be required to have the faith to discard some of your inhibiting beliefs, traditions and insecurities that are holding you back from flying to new heights and embrace a joyous new outlook and perspective on life?

I bring up these thoughts of change as 2019 is upon us, because Saturn and Pluto are now in full force in the sign of Capricorn(structure). Pluto is about transformation and Saturn is about structure. Pluto is not just going to just break, but it is going to demolish a lot of the way we view life and the structures that have governed us from times gone by that are no longer applicable. As I said, the only constant in the Universe is change and it will be full steam ahead in 2019, so try and embrace the energy and always try and ask the question, “What should I be learning from this”?

It is easy to look around our world at the conflict between those that are trying to hold onto the old and those that are fighting for the new. I know if you’re like me, you can easily get consumed with the war between the old and the new, but it is a necessary component of evolutionary change no matter how painful it is to watch. Remember, as your emotional heartstrings are being pulled that we are all playing a part and learning from the experience. Some may be suffering more than you, but they have chosen to learn from the experience no matter how painful it may seem to you. I struggle to not let my Self keep me focused on other people’s pain and struggles so I won’t have the time or energy to focus on my own learning circumstances. Remember sometimes Karma as it plays out is really painful to watch, but unfortunately the person that is suffering is experiencing the other side of the Karmic wheel in this lifetime. Our emotions feed in the present and are controlled by our Self which uses them as a tool to hold us back from focusing on our own life lessons.

2019 will be a great opportunity as many things will be shone to us to assist us in our learning. My New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to try and not be blind to what’s right in front of me. It may just be me opening my eyes as I crawl out of my cocoon to spread my new found wings!

Wishing you an incredible 2019, find your Wings!