Where’s Your Emotional Quicksand?

//Where’s Your Emotional Quicksand?

I came across an article the other day on “Quicksand”. I remember seeing cowboy movies when I was a child where the villain got stuck in it, then slowly sank to their demise. I actually thought quicksand was a myth, but I read a team of researchers from France and The Netherlands actually studied this combination of fine sand, clay and saltwater.  The interesting thing about quicksand is that if you happen to venture into it, as you begin to struggle you will actually begin to sink. The more energy you give to your struggles, the more you will sink. A little bit of knowledge on quicksand would assist you to navigate the situation. First of all, give it no energy, because if you begin to panic, your swift movements will cause the quicksand to liquefy around you and cause you to sink. Some helpful knowledge to possibly assist you to not panic is the understanding that quicksand is twice as dense as we humans are. Don’t panic! You won’t be sucked under and drown because you will only sink up to your midsection at most.

The moral of the story is if you have knowledge of how the world around you works and you use this information to harness your emotions; with clarity of mind and faculties, the universe will provide you a solution to your situation. The solution may be simple, the solution may be complex, but do know that there will be lessons learned in the outcome.

So what does this have to do with my experience here on the Earth plane, you might ask? This incarnation you have chosen to experience is all about releasing past life energy that is trapped inside of you. Unfortunately, as the energy comes to the surface to be dealt with, we tend to lose clarity to our situation because we get lost in the emotions of the moment. The emotions are our “Quicksand” and the more energy we give to the situation, the further we move away from the reason why this particular event is happening to us and what the universe is trying to teach us.

Our Earth plane existence is absorbed in emotions and our objective is to detach emotionally. This is not to imply that we are robots without feelings or compassion, but we must strive to not allow our emotions to control us and thereby miss the lesson being presented. Only by detaching will we be able to see the bigger picture and grasp what we should be learning from the experience.

We have so much energy associated with fear, doubt, insecurity, anger, jealousy and all the other emotions trapped within us from prior lifetimes. When the universe brings people and events into our life to trigger this energy for release, we fall into our “Emotional Quicksand” and are pulled under by our emotions. Even with the knowledge of us being the architect of our life plan and experiences, it is so easy to blame everyone else for the predicament of learning we ourselves have chosen.

If you are having trouble identifying where your emotional quicksand is, maybe start by looking at your astrology and the placement of your moon. The moon is all about emotions and our unconscious habits. My moon is in Scorpio in the twelfth-house, with traits about deep, and I mean deep, fear of giving up control. So my defense mechanism through life has been to judge and blame others for my shortcomings, to protect my deep fears of giving up control and having to trust the universe. Interestingly enough, I grew up with a mother that constantly judged everything around her, from the appearance of the TV personalities to the people walking down the street. Should I blame my mother for my judgment trait? No, she was just part of my life plan and it took me 57 years to see she was just mirroring for me a trapped soul aspect I didn’t want to face. She is passed now, but a belated thank-you Mom.

Ironically, Maitreya’s Facebook post last week was. “Why do you judge and criticize? You do so because the Self needs to justify itself, and it can only do so when it can see what it perceives to be imperfection in another.” Ouch, was he talking to me? LOL Sometimes the truth hurts.

by Alan McElroy

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