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Alan had been a seeker his whole life in search of Spiritual and Metaphysical knowledge. In 2003, at the age of 48, he came across Margaret Birkin’s original website ( that she had setup for Maitreya, who she had been channeling since 1992. The writings and channelings of Maitreya were like coming home in their simplicity and their message of placing the onus on “You” to become your own master through taking responsibility of your life. Alan, who was residing in the State of Washington in the U.S. at the time, flew to Australia in the spring and summer of 2004 to study with Margaret. Events unfolded for him to travel back to New Zealand in the fall of 2004 for a 3rd course with her where they decided to form a partnership that led to marriage in the summer of 2005. Margaret returned to the world of Spirit in July of 2016. During their 12-years together they operated two healing centers in Seattle and traveled the world allowing Maitreya to spread his uplifting message of empowerment from Europe to Asia to the U.S. and Canada. Alan, along with Margaret’s colleague, Jean Luo manage the Maitreya Teaching, Healing and Educational Network. is a worldwide organization of practitioners and healers based on the channeled information from the Ascended Master Maitreya through his channel Margaret McElroy.

Embrace the Energy

Embrace the Energy Embrace the Energy and ask the question, Why? I went to an event the other night on Pranic Healing. The young lady demonstrated techniques to clean your or someone else’s energy field. One technique she recommended was taking a saltwater bath to cleanse your aura. Jean and I actually do lavender and [...]

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Unfortunately, Life Doesn’t Always Make Sense

We experienced another mass shooting here in the U.S.A. this month and it makes you ask the question of why? Why would someone do this? If everything is perfect in the Universe, then why was this allowed to happen? If you happen to be someone who just lost a friend, family member, or acquaintance, your [...]

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What Does 2018 Hold?

Ironically, 2018 in numerology is an 11, which is a Master number. The main positive trait of this Master number is being very capable through setting specific goals and using your intuitive instincts to lead you and guide you to accomplishing the concrete goals you set for yourself. If we get caught up in [...]

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Shanghai Aches and Pains

As I stated in last month’s newsletter, Jean and I have ventured to Shanghai, China to do some teaching with some of the Maitreya China followers. One thing that I quite often experienced in my adventures with Margaret is that a physical ailment always seemed to pop up out of nowhere during our travels. [...]

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Happy Birthday Margaret, Maitreya China

This year has really flown by as Jean, Korinne, Ratna and I have continued our adventures promoting Maitreya’s teachings that Margaret gave to us and continuing to work on our own issues individually and collectively. It is the one thing we witnessed with Margaret, she was tested on an individual basis and never stopped [...]

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Judging someone, can you pass the Empathy Test? I need to do a disclaimer when it relates to judgment because this is truly one of my main life lessons and while I have gotten better, I still battle with it daily. We live in an age where our emotions and the emotions of others [...]

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New Beginnings or Next Chapter?

August was an incredible month astrologically with the Lunar eclipse of August 7th and the Solar eclipse on August 21st along with 5 planets being in retrograde. Retrogrades are usually a time to not start something new, but to finish up things that we have started at some point in time, and have not [...]

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Moving Forward

It’s hard to believe that Margaret transitioned to the “Other Side of Veil” as she would call it a year ago. We, Jean, Korinne, Ratna and I have all continued to move forward on our respective journeys as individuals and a group. Margaret’s passing shortly after our return to the Seattle from India was [...]

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The Other Side of the Coin

There is a saying, “there are two sides to every coin” and often we forget this little metaphor when we get caught up in our emotional world. It’s as if our emotions paralyze us from contemplating the other side of a story or that another person see’s or is experiencing a situation from a [...]

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The Only Constant is Change

Have you ever wondered why the only constant in our lives is change? Why is this you might ask, the answer is fairly simple. The Earth Plane is governed by “Free Will” choice and so the Universe is constantly reacting to our choices as we navigate through life. You might question why the Universe [...]

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Changing Lanes

I was driving the other day and viewed the traffic ahead and calculated that if I changed lanes I would avoid some congestion. I quickly shifted lanes, but what I anticipated didn’t happened. The lane I switched too became more clogged than the one I left. I immediately cursed myself and started calculating what [...]

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