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Meeting People Where THEY Are ©

Meeting People Where THEY Are © In addition to doing past-life regression and a number of other healing modalities, I also do a great deal of intuitive counseling and teaching. In fact, I probably spend almost 95% of my practitioner time counseling and teaching my clients, often in conjunction with a particular healing modality they [...]

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Further Comments on Unconditional Love©

Since last month’s newsletter article, I’ve had some interesting conversations about the topic of “unconditional love” and also about my comment that unconditional love is not about doing; it is all about being. In each of these conversations I kept hearing “But ..., but ..., but ...” in my “mind’s ear,” and in each case [...]

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Unconditional Love©

I received a text from a dear friend recently asking, “Why is it so much easier to have unconditional love for others than for yourself?” I paused for a moment before realizing the importance and enormity of her question. She really hit on one of the most important questions each of us faces at some [...]

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