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Looking At What You Don’t Want To See©

Looking At What You Don’t Want To See© Maitreya (channeled by Margaret McElroy) repeatedly speaks of the need to detach from trapped (unused) energy. It is “trapped” because we (metaphorically) “push it down” or try to “run away from it.” Essentially, it is “Looking At What You Don’t Want To See” and then taking [...]

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Speaking Your “Truth”©

In recent months I have had a number of clients who complained of “relationship issues,” almost all of which either included or were primarily based in communication problems. For example, a recent client complained that “he just won’t tell me what is going on, what he is thinking!” After a little probing, it didn’t [...]

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Understanding “Raising Your Vibration”©

Understanding “Raising Your Vibration”© I have had countless discussions with students and otherwise “spiritual people” regarding the topic of “Raising Your Vibration.” While they all agree that it is desirable and important, they usually get themselves all tangled up in concepts and terminology that apply only to the physical world of matter. And even [...]

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What’s the“Big Deal?”©

  What’s the“Big Deal?”© I've had several clients in the past few months that seemed to be confused by words that are similar but that have distinctly different meanings (for example, see my blog Detach, But Don't Be Detached!). In some instances, the distinction is not critically important, but sometimes the misunderstanding thwarts their ability [...]

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Going with the Flow©

  Going with the Flow© A few weeks ago I had the great privilege of being interviewed by Jon Anastasio on his program, “Reclaiming Your Sacred Path.” We were talking about my upcoming book entitled, Dancing with the Energy: The Foundations of Conscious Living. A major theme of this book is very familiar to [...]

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An Interesting Dream©

An Interesting Dream© By Dennis Dossett A couple of weeks ago I had a (rare for me) “lucid dream,” one in which I was very aware that I was dreaming and that I actually had some degree of control over the events in the dream. The context was a family gathering—an outdoor afternoon picnic—which [...]

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Detach, But Don’t Be Detached!©

  Detach, But Don’t Be Detached!© Maitreya (one of my wisest teachers) often speaks of “trapped” or “unused” energies as one of the major issues we need to deal with during our time here on the earth plane. He often speaks of “detaching” from these energies because they prevent us from progressing in soul evolution [...]

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Unfinished Business©

One important past-life energy phenomenon is that of “unfinished business.” Similar to balancing karma from past lives, this involves something that was undertaken in one lifetime but not completed for whatever reason or reasons until a subsequent lifetime. As long as there is a residual attachment (an unwillingness to “let go”) in the soul [...]

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Perfect ©

Perfect© By Dennis Dossett I sometimes get a little annoyed (OK, that’s judgment—there must be a lesson here!) when I hear a commonly used phrase in daily parlance that frequently just doesn’t make any sense. I understand the use of “slang” and have often used such terms myself, but there is a difference between [...]

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Perfection© By Dennis Dossett In last June’s newsletter, I wrote about “ (“Lessons and Tests”) ,” the main point of which was that we chose our life lessons before we incarnated in order to provide an opportunity to grow into a better version of ourselves (aka, soul evolution). Last month's newsletter was devoted to [...]

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Wir Geben Uns Mehr Mühe©

Wir Geben Uns Mehr Mühe© By Dennis Dossett Many years ago as a sophomore in college I realized that, to do anything with my psychology degree, I needed to go to graduate school. At that time getting a Master’s degree in most universities required proficiency in at least one foreign language and a Doctorate [...]

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Lessons and Tests ©

  Lessons and Tests © Over the past month I have been asked questions about “Lessons and Tests” by several of my clients. There seems to be a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about this subject, much of it accompanied by an underlying sense of fear about “passing” tests and one’s “failure” to learn lessons. [...]

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Right Intention, Wrong Energy!©

Right Intention, Wrong Energy!© By Dennis Dossett Last month I wrote about “Meeting People Where THEY Are” in which I recounted how so many people are just plain STUCK, not understanding how they got into the situation that faced them and certainly having little or no clue as to how to get themselves out [...]

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Meeting People Where THEY Are ©

Meeting People Where THEY Are © In addition to doing past-life regression and a number of other healing modalities, I also do a great deal of intuitive counseling and teaching. In fact, I probably spend almost 95% of my practitioner time counseling and teaching my clients, often in conjunction with a particular healing modality they [...]

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