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  • Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It’s often used in nostalgic terms. For example, when we realise that if we’d only followed our intuition all of our lives, that everything would probably have been much more enjoyable. But there are many reasons we don’t use our intuition and they’re mostly to do wi... [read more]
  • Beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Light, Thank you for your Divine presence in my life today. Thank you for choosing to incarnate at this time/place/instant with me. I know we’re all One in Spirit. It’s hard to recall that here in separate bodies. Buddhists say that we are connected to all s... [read more]
  • Gidday from Oz everyone! This past January, I spent two weeks training intensively with Team Maitreya in Brisbane. When I read that back, it still seems amazing and if anyone had suggested to me previously that I would do such thing, I would have thought them crazy. After the course, Margaret adv... [read more]