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Jean Luo is a graduate student of Maitreya ( and his channel Margaret McElroy. She has been working and trained by Margaret/Maitreya in the past 13 years. Maitreya’s teachings are simple and practical – to be true and honest to yourself and become your own master of your life. Through practicing Margaret/Maitreya’s teaching essences, her life has been completely transformed and she has changed to be a better person. She has found her true passion in service to Spirit and humanity. Her true passion is assisting souls who are searching for answers about who they are, their life purpose and who are asking for help to make a better and happier life. She often refers to the teachings of Maitreya as “Wisdom for Today, Answers for Tomorrow”. Jean does in depth astrological reading and medical astrology reading. She also does past life regression, color reading and healing. Jean conducts her spiritual guidance utilizing astrology, past life regression, color healing, emotion code healing and flower essence healing to help people release their blocked energy and to assist them to move on with their life with better understanding. Jean teaches meditation, mediumistic course, color and healing, metaphysics, astrology, and one-on-one private study. For more information, please visit To contact Jean, email her at Along with Margaret’s husband Alan McElroy, Jean co-manages the Maitreya Teaching, Healing and Educational Network. is a worldwide organization of practitioners and healers based on the channeled information from the Ascended Master Maitreya through his channel Margaret McElroy.

Emotion and Dis-ease

Nowadays, more and more people are having physical problems without knowing the cause. Often, the doctors are unable to diagnose the problems, and the medication cannot stop the pain or the dis-ease. The medications developed by large pharmaceutical companies try to stop or ease certain symptoms, but at the same time cause or create [...]

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Shifting the Energy in Our Direct Living Environment

We are all pure consciousness, incarnating into a physical form on the Earth Plane. Thus, although we seem to be separated individually from each other, we are all energetically connected to each other, to our surroundings, to the world and to the Universe. As such, we are all affected consciously and unconsciously, not only [...]

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Going with the Constant Change

  Going with the Constant Change Once we have started to live our life using metaphysical principles, our perception and understanding about life inevitably begins to change. We gradually move away from living in a “survival mode” mentality – the lower Self-part of us, which originated from the animal kingdom is less dominant as we [...]

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A Matter of Perspective

  A Matter of Perspective As the Earth Plane is raising its vibration, so many people are experiencing problems or difficulties physically and emotionally, or mentally and spiritually. More and more people are becoming aware that the old way of living - communication, beliefs, habits, relationships, traditions, etc. are no longer working for them. We [...]

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Vibrational Healing of Colorful Tulip Flowers

The month of April has been very energetic and unsettling due to some major planetary movements in the Sky. Chiron changed sign from Pisces to Aries, Mercury Retrograde turned direct, both Saturn and Pluto moved into Retrograde motion and the New Moon in Aries in conjunction with Uranus in Aries, etc. As such, it [...]

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A Learning Moment from Watching Tiger Woods Playing Golf

Alan loves Golf. He watches every golf game on TV whenever there is one. In 2016 there was a Senior PGA (Professional Golf Association) tournament held at Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course in August, and Alan took Korinne and me, respectively, to the golf course to watch it in person since it was only 30 [...]

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New Book – My Journey to Superconsciousness II: Awakening

I am making available my second book, “My Journey to Superconsciousness II, Awakening” on Amazon and on the shops of It is the second book of the series. It is about my learning process metaphysically as I raised my vibration and consciousness after spiritual awakening. Although this book can be read independently, I encourage you to [...]

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Awareness of My Unkindness

As a soul, we are the sum total of past, present and future. Whatever we have chosen to deal with and to learn from in this incarnation is only a small portion adding to our soul and soul evolution. What we know about ourselves in this incarnation only represents a small part of who [...]

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Gratitude is one of the most important attributes of an opening our heart, but not always easy to sustain as it can only come out of unconditional love and compassion. We are so often grateful and thankful when we are happy and our life seems to be in ‘good terms’ as we have expected [...]

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Raising Consciousness

As we all have experienced and noticed, the world is in the process of drastic change. The Photon Energy has been working diligently to assist the Earth Plane and all of humanity to raise their vibration. This process will allow us to eventually move away from old and stagnant energy, and move into a new [...]

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Going with the Change

Life is constantly teaching us something through change so that we can evolve in consciousness and vibration. However, we often resist the change when the change starts to come. The Self part of us does not like change, it only wants to stay in the ‘comfort zone’ no matter whether the ‘comfort zone’ is real [...]

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Eclipse – the Force of Change

We are in the 1st Lunar and Solar Eclipses of the Eclipse season of 2018. The 1st Eclipse was on January 31st, a Super Blue Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo and the 2nd Eclipse will be on this Thursday, February 15th, a Partial Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius. In any [...]

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Pursuing the Freedom of the Higher Self

I have been sick for the past 10 days, clearing away some of the deep unexpressed energy from my throat, sinus, and chest area. Although I did not have a fever, the clearing during this time really affected me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I had to truly slow down everything that my Self urged [...]

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Letting Go of the Old and Moving into the New Year of 2018

Time flies so fast, in a blink, here comes 2018. Although I wondered where the year 2017 went, looking back I still cannot believe that I actually have gone through a lot of changes and some incredible life experiences! In the beginning of 2017 I was not in good shape or condition since Margaret’s [...]

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Communication is one of the most important and key factors in all human relationships. What we communicate and how we communicate can lead to positive results in relating to each other – unite, support, respect, peace and harmony, or to ‘negative’ consequences in relating to each other - conflict, fighting, dissension, division and destruction. [...]

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