Author archives: Linda Zeppa

  • Here are my reflections from the summer of 2017. The energy of transition and change is powerful.   As my sister lays dying my mind goes blank and the tears gather. Not for her – or maybe a little. “No more suffering!” I want to shout. She looks in peace and yet I know. ... [read more]
  • It is a very interesting time that we have chosen to live in. The energy is powerful, moving us forward and onward in ways unimaginable and most often seemingly beyond our control. I won’t get into a political discussion here, but suffice to say there appears to be chaos. ‘What was’ is rapidly c... [read more]
  • I had an interesting experience last week that I feel the urge to share. It was one of those mornings for me; you know, the mornings when you can’t sleep but you’re too lethargic to get up and do anything. I couldn’t even get out of bed to meditate. I grabbed my phone and put my favorite meditation ... [read more]
  • There is no doubt now that the world is going through a profound change and we are all feeling it. During the past few months I have felt anger, hatred and unacceptance swirling around as world events unfolded. I believe that it is a necessary unfolding and clearing of energy, but wow it feels terri... [read more]
  • The energy of ‘things’ entwines us in a web of want beyond need, the panic of the physical self that yearns for more and more. Yet what we truly need lies not with things. Get beyond their energy. Let YOUR energy surround and move. Let go of things. Let their energy drift to others whose ene... [read more]
  • Intuition: Follow the urges and nudges. What seems silly may be surprisingly sound. One night a few years ago I planted myself in front of the television to watch something, anything that I could find. It was unusual for me. I have certain shows that I like to watch and I set aside time to watch... [read more]
  • In one of my Intuitive Writing classes this month, I asked those present to write down the answer to a question. Where does a wave go? I remind people to write whatever comes without a lot of thinking and I only allow a few minutes. Here is what came for me.   "Where does a wave go? Ev... [read more]
  • When you look up the definition of “woo-woo” online, the first definition that you get (from is: “Woo-woo (or just plain woo) refers to ideas considered irrational or based on extremely flimsy evidence or that appeal to mysterious occult forces or powers.” Her... [read more]